HK Citation II with MGIIBs

I am beginning to use an HK Citation II amp, built from a kit by my father about 40 years ago. What is required to bring it fully back to life? Is it likely to drive my MGIIBs happily? Would it co-exist comfortably with my Hafler DH 110 preamp or would I be better advised to try to get hold of the Marantz preamp the HK was paired with in its early years? Is this all folly? Bear with me, as I haven't paid much attention to audio equipment for the past 20 years or so.
I have 2 Citation II's and love 'em! They are very powerful and have fantastic output transformers. I've used them with both SS and tube pre-amps and both work just fine. There is a wealth of information at Jim Mcshane's website about Cit II's. He is the HK Guru. He sell parts and tubes to rebuild/restore any HK tube amp. I used his rebuild kits in mine. Do a google search under "Jim Mcshane". Tell 'em Dean sent you!
Did you use both of Jim's kits? Did you install them yourself, have Jim do it or someone local? I haven't soldered since doing a Dynaco SCA35 over 30 years ago! You obviously were happy with the results; could you elaborate a bit?
Thanks, Bruce