High End Reproduction is back

unfortunately... for a price. But Brain counts...

Today I had a revelation at Munich High End Show at Acoustical Systems Demo Room.
Pure sound, a Soundstage with any record I never heard from any modern table, no matter what price or Hype, no coloration, no sonic fingerprint
but it was the whole System which delivered the result
Speaker from a new Manufacturer, Soundspace Systems, Model Aidoni, 101dB
Phonostage Evocator from AS
Axiom Arm & Palladian Cartridge from AS
Turntable Apolyt from AS
Pre- and Power Ams from Vitus Audio
Cables from Audioquest (Wild)

Good Work & Thank you for giving a bright light in the dark "High End Cave"

some impression







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Good God that looks expensive
Must be at least $10k.

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Dear Syntax, Can you say more about the speakers or direct us to more information?  Is the phono stage tube or transistor type? Thanks.

Noromance, Surely you had tongue in cheek when you opined that this system "must be at least $10K".  $10,000 won't even buy the cartridge, or maybe just barely.
@lewm Indeed! The Apolyt alone is $300k.

It seems amazing that a HiFi system, or just the TT to play vinyl is worth more than a Lamborghini and the whole system probably twice the worth of my home...  Still there are plenty around who will buy them without blinking. Put it in the beach house...  Ho Hum....
Thanks @syntax for sharing your impressions and those great photos. Thanks to Audiogon I learnt of Acoustical Systems and am the proud owner of their SMARTactor alignment tools. I also have their Axiom tonearm and Paladian cartridge, and thanks to a member of Audiogon one of their limited edition Omnigon phono preamps. I think their gear is first class.  All I now need is one of those APOLYT turnatables and a bigger apartment to accommodate it!

I do hope that just like with the Axiom where a cheaper little brother Aquilar was later produced, that one day a little brother of the APOLYT will arrive. That I would really love to hear. The APOLYT is a statement product to showcase and formulate what the designer can do, cost no object. Bring on Baby APOLYT!
I am not up to date with the Phonostage, it has tubes inside but I do not know much details. I guess it is a combination with transistor and tubes. Very quiet definitely (dead silent) and is able to reproduce all sonic nuances without sounding dead and boring.
But, when I am honest, something different really fascinated me, his endeavor to offer something serious for a good price to the discriminated audiophile with limited budget.
There is a MM Cartridge for MSRP 1000 Euros which became one of his bestsellers without any advertisement for it.
And a real killer Turntable below 10k. He found it is Asia, imports it and offers it now with a few serious mods.
- it is a copy from Micro Seiki 5000 in aluminum
with excellent bearing, platter isolation (no ringing or similar), worldwide Power Suppy, active speed regulation (33.333 / 45.000) and read my lips:
This unit passes the test with the Sutherline Timeline (99% fail this test, other units show some digits in their display but in real life they are still running wrong). While playing of course (needle in the groove). The speed is spot on!
I was so fascinated from this "done right unit" that I bought one. Mainly because I was so floored from the fact, that it is possible to do something really serious for small money when someone knows what is responsible for what...Runs now with Axiom Arm (and FR-64s, FR-66s) + Lyra Olympos SL...Pics from it are now in my Audiogon System. That good it is.
Some time ago I wrote some experiences with those overrated Turntables "beyond Ultimate" and called it "The kiss of Death".
This unit let each one bite the dust with demanding records. And some more of course.

now it is possible to get something serious for the discriminated audiophile without the usual spending an Arm and a Leg.
- Smartractor for Adjustment
- new developed 1K MM-Cartridge for a wide range of Phonostages
and this Turntable.

This is the real sensation for me right now.

Thanks Syntax you solved my dilemma. For  the Apolyt I would

need a bigger home but to get Apolyt I would need to sell my

present home. I already own FR-64s so the ''only'' components I

need to buy is this ''new'' TT and MM cart.

I wouldn't pay a nickel for his products.  I purchased a $600 Arche headshell and entered a service call requesting a tiny set screw that had stripped.  No reply. 
the test with the Sutherline Timeline

Correct is: Sutherland Timeline

Something different

One of the very best Sound at Show with digital Playback was
from a Vitus Audio combination driving small (more or less, but room & WAF friendly) Marten Speakers (from Sweden I think).
A top match, even for longer listening sessions :-)

As painful as usual
Living Voice
nice female voice with Engstrom electronics, never heard a demo with more than one singer and a guitar or piano. One million bucks don’t need more

Dear Syntax, Who is ''he'' by this 1000 euro MM cartridge and

this remarkable ''aluminum Micro Seiki 5000''? Other reference

to the TT and MM cart would be also appreciated.

"he" is Mr. Brakemeier from Acoustical Systems.

Other reference?
you think about reviews, other owners or similar?
Well, this here is a report from High End 2018, every manufacturer there shows his latest product(s).
I have no idea about something else, was just a visitor

Dear Syntax, you should know that I don't need introduction to

Mr. Brakemeier. But, if I understand your contribution well,

the MM and TT in question are imported in Germany while our

friend Daniel lives in Bavaria. So those are not produced by

our friend. As far as I know he produced 4 MC carts but not

any MM cart.

Dear Lew, I certainly understand your interest in speakers.

To understand this amazement about Ribbon speakers in

combination with ''ordinary'' kind one need to investigate

the work of Prof. Jurgen Scheuring designer of Ascendo

series of speakers with his Ascendo M-S as the top of

this series. There was a review in Absolut sound but I can't

remember when. Anyway it was an ravishing review. As far as

I remember the ''unusual'' construction consisted of ''band pass''

woofer ( Eton 11'' driver) 8'' Danish mid-driver and long ribbon.

The ribbon was time-aligned with an metal construction allowing

fort and back movement of the ribbon. One was assumed to

measure the distance to the sit position and adjust the ribbon

accordingly. Alas the price was such that I could not afford it.

The obvious difference with Syntax sample is that the later

ribbon can't be moved fort and back. I am sure you will be

very interested in Prof. Scheuring arguments and cross-over.

Note the rear panel has a power, XLR and volume control for a rear tweeter. So these are at least partially powered speakers. I must say, I like the idea of a powered subwoofer, especially if it contains digital EQ, as well as a rear tweeter with variable output. 

In addition there are two speaker connections. My guess is that the woofer and rear tweeter are powered, while the mid-woofer and front tweeter are not.

Using a band-pass for a mid-woofer is certainly unusual, but adjusting the tweeter depth seems hokey, as the bandpass is probably going to introduce significant lag. To my careless eyes, this is a speaker design screaming to be 100% self-powered.

I also like ribbons, but you won't convince me they are the one superior tweeter technology either. There are a number of superlative don's and AMT's as well as awful versions of all of them too. 


I am most interested to learn more about the new MM cartridge.  Is it mentioned on the Acoustic Systems website?  Thanks, anyone.
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Yes, found it

Name of Cartridge: 

The fideles
output 5.5mV

Dear syntax, thanks for sharing.
I totally agree with the Marten Design + Vitus room as being one of the best sounding overall. I could easily live with that system...
Unfortunately, I had not enough time to visit the Acoustical Systems room to hear that unbelievable analogical combo but even though I am very interested in the TT in the minus 10k range you mentioned. In case you could share further info it would be highly appreciated.
Syn: I think you have long been an advocate for a top table and arm obviating the need for the most expensive cartridges; that this enables the use of a lesser priced cartridge without a loss in performance. So, is this cartridge made by Acoustical Systems or is he simply distributing it? And is it available in the U.S.? 
bill hart
Hi Gallus and Bill,

I do not know so much details, the fideles cartridge is based on his own idea and out for a while to his dealers. All I know, their customers like it and the orders for it are growing.
With the table..I guess, here you have to ask one of his dealers. Told me, he has a few in stock but have no idea when he ships them (or to whom).
Thanks syntax, I live in Germany so I will definitely contact the company. 

AS is distributed in the US by Rutherford Audio. Alignment jigs, cartridges, arms, table and headshell.

Lord, the disk on that turntable looks like it weighs 50lbs, or more. Anyway, newbie question: I've never been to any of these HiFi demos, so what are they generally doing for acoustic treatment of the rooms? Particularly, how to they manage the low-frequency room modes?