Have the Golden Ear Tech 7's but considering a speaker a fuller sound and also musical

As mentioned I have a pair of Golden Ear Technology model 7's  much raved about at CES 2012.  It is a good sounding speaker but after 18 months of ownership, I have noticed there is a fullness missing in the midrange. The system  has remained basically the same in the system over last 18 months, except fort the Blue Circle Thingee power line conditioner. They are powered by a Rogue Sphinx  v.1 integrated amp (100RMS), and sources material is Ayre CX-7e mp CD player and a refurbished   Thorens  TD145 which may be on its way out the door  soon .  

Speaker cable is shared by Grover Huffman EX cable, and Harmonic Technology older  Pro 11 + speaker cable. The IC to CD is Harmonic Tech "TruthLink " 

I am considering  the following speakers:    Magneplanar .7 or 1.7;   Vandersteen 2CE;   Scansonic 2.5    I am open to suggestions up to $3000   Would prefer a sound signature that is transparent, musical and easy to listen to.   Thank you.  

When I think full,rich,musical & easy to listen to I think Sonus Faber & Dali.Look at speakers that use wood fiber for bass drivers & silk tweeters & your ears will be happy...
(((I am considering the following speakers:    Magneplanar .7 or 1.7;   Vandersteen 2CE;   Scansonic 2.5   I am open to suggestions up to $3000   Would prefer a sound signature that is transparent, musical and easy to listen to.   Thank you.)))

Vandersteen 2CE Sig II / Audioquest Rocket 88 DBW Zero feedback type design electronics are at their best. call me and I will coach you thru the whole set up Best JR 
Thank you to those who have responded  so far  JR from Audioconnection, thank you for the offer, but I would prefer  not to be solicit by audio dealer about their products product.  Also, I really don't need to be coached because I have been involved in audio since 1971.   Thank you  .
Then you want the Golden Ear Triton One.
I would imagine the amp uses cheap Chinese tubes.A simple tube upgrade may go a long way towards adding richness to the tone...
To, Freediver,  I am ahead of you brother on this suggestion which I appreciate.  I changed out the TWO standard tubes of the Rogue Sphinx output stage with two Mullard 4003V tubes about 1 year ago. A member recommended the  replacements to take the edge off of the Hypex Class D chip that Rogue uses. It did remove about 80 %  of the edge and brightness, but some still remains, but is not unbearable. The GET model 7 speaker has many virtues of soundstage, clarity, and general coherence, but  sounds moderately bright  with even the best of the class D did amps. or just standard SS amps. So the combo can be a problem.
Never heard the Tritons but did spend time demoing the new Martin Logan Motion series & found the Heil type tweeter bordering on bright.I agree with your assessment that between the Class D amp & GE speakers your just too far into the upper freqs.to achieve a good balance.
 Hows the room?Maybe a bit of acoustic treatment can tone it down...
(, you mentioned it first
(((I am considering the following speakers: Magneplanar .7 or 1.7;   Vandersteen 2CE;   Scansonic 2.5 I am open to suggestions up to $3000)))
I figured you are looking for a pre owned or local purchase in your area
 and took it like you really are ready for performance, not trying to solicit , just offering support, but it seems you may be sensitive to this by having to say
 (((  I have been involved in audio since 1971.)))
 Enjoy your search sometimes they are right under your nose.

I agree with freediver.  I owned Dali Helicons and they were rich and musical, not the most transparent, but very easy to listen to.
To audio connection: so where are you located??  I am curious. I believe there is an Audio connection in Verona New Jersey.  Thanks for the offer of support. 
Sunnyjim, just saw this thread after responding to the Sphinx issue. I agree with freediver that your issue may be the synergy between amp and speakers. 

It might be that you would be happier with the 7s driven by a different amp. Is it possible for you to explore this? Otherwise identify speakers you think better and address amplification later. Your Sphinx can drive either the Vandys or Maggies and may prove a better fit.  The Vandys offer up additional amp possibilities (per $$$) as they are not as power hungry.

Good luck in your quest. I look forward to hear of your decisions.
The Audio Connection in Verona, NJ is the one. Nothing but the best to say about them.