Good $10K systems

Semi's thread "Are we Stupid" has several very good points that should answered in his thread, but where Semi' slightly laments that a good $10K is not possible today. I thought this is a might be good topic. What good sounding $10K sytsems you can construct?

Basic assumptions to use are that this is for an average room size. Second, this is a "new" $10K system (not used that would be too easy). It must be a decent, "good", sounding system - be honest, no jokes please. You can treat the source as a Multi Format Player, and or Phono Package. Those meeting the $10K with phono and multi-format player, please be clear complete on components in the phono set-up.

No magical discounts, please.

Here's my straw dog:
1. Speakers, Magnepan 1.7 at $1990.00
2. Pick your favorite seperate amp intregrated amp between $1000.00 to $4000.00. Saves buying an extra cable and there are really good intregrateds.
Here's an example: Marantz's PM-KI-Pearl for less than $3000.00
3. Multi Format Player Oppo 83SE $895.00
4. Rega 3-24 Turntable $895.00
5. Rega RB301 arm $495.00 with add on VTA $150.00
6. Orttfon 2M Black cartridge $669.00

Rough Rounded-up Subtotal is $8120.00

9. $1880.00 for cables and or upgrading phono pre-amp.

A very decent $10K system.
Naim entry level integrated, ATC bookshelf speaker, and Rega 3. Well under and wonderful. It is folly to think you need to spend more.
OK I'll try. Small room, nearfield listening

Harbeth H3PSR (2000)
Rogue Cronus (1800)
Sound Anchor stands (600)
Rega P5, Benz Ace (2100)
Audience Line Conditioner (2100)
Oppo CD/DVD player (300)
V-Dac outboard DAC (300)
Audience Cables (800)
C'mon, for $10K there are a gzillion different good systems you can put together, for most normal sized rooms.

Pick a decent but not excessive tube pre-amp, a Class D power amp specifically designed to work with a tube pre-amp (like Wyred), and the speakers of you choice to fit your room.
PLINIUS 9200 2000
PLINIUS SA 102 2500
PLINIUS M-8 1700
This is sooo easy...

HRS rack system
Valhalla cables

Whoops over budget.

Forget it, this is impossible!
$2000.00 for the equipment and $8000.00 for a rack,cables and tweaks.Don't forget to grab some magic potions,too!!!!!
you could buy a pair of Quad speakers along with the Quad CD player and amp and have a damn good system for around $10,000.00
This is $10K at new prices, right? If not, well my own gear cost me not too much more than that, if you strip off a few cables and accessories.

Mooneycj, above, lists a system that is very like the one in the Son Idéal room at the Montreal SSI last weekend. Same amp, larger Harbeth 7ES speakers, Rega CDP and a pink Rega TT. Having heard that one, I agree that it would be money very well spent. Especially the pink part.
Picking the Magnepans is a great start though not everybody have a room where they can be placed properly.

I would ditch LP records unless you have a large collection. I would instead focus on a computer setup that can do better than 16/44 (and MP3 in some cases where that is the only way to get the music).

The new NAD M2 has both the power needed for the Maggies and the high bitrate inputs that I think you need for some future proofing. That unfortunately leaves us only $2k for the digital front-ends, but the Oppo BDP83 at $500 is fine (no reason to buy the SE when we are using digital out and you could technically use the Mac as CD player too). A slightly upgraded Mac Mini + M2Tech Hiface is about $1000 so we do have a little space for cables (there aren't that many in this system). An iPod Touch or iPad would be useful as a remote for the iMac.

SACDs would have to go through a conversion from Analog to 24/192. That is a sacrifice I can live with given the low number of such disks owned by the typical audiophile.
You can pickup the sim 5.3 series for 2500.00 a peice,5000.00left over...2500.00,3000.00 speakers,2 left over for cabling and i wish i got this $#&* at these prices.
Speakers: Vandersteen 2 CE SIG II's w/ stands ($2145)
Amplifier: TacT S 2150 XDM ($4250)
Multi Player: Oppo BDP 83 ($499)
Speaker Cables: Alpha-Core MI 2's $275 x 2 pairs ($550)
Digital Interconnect: (?)

$7500 for an all (not including 1 digital interconnect or rack) new with warranty, almost full range system that will work in most any room.
I second the NAD M2 suggestion. I have one and the sound is pretty amazing. I love it. I have it paired with B&W cm9s which are not incredibly expensive and sound very nice. Although the M2 is expensive, you don't need expensive interconnects, power cables and power conditioner.
I think my system with the smaller OHM 100S3 speakers, phono and digital sources would just make the $10K cut approximately. I would go with it assuming the right sized room to match. According to OHMs room size specs, that would be approximately anywhere from 1300 to 3000 cubic feet.