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Looking for a Speaker Recommnedation
YG Acoustic Carmel 
Request advice-need "brighter" speakers than Totem Hawks
Sorry to say the hawks use different drivers than Forests Winds and Sharmans I have all three use them in surround and don't loss the high'sImport to match gear to speakers also 
Best speaker on used market around 10,000.00
totem winds or sharmans 
Speaker suggestions at around $30k
Before you invest $30k in speaker make sure you have a goodDACMSB TECH DAC IVthen. Tremendous detail2. Large open 3D soundstage3. Clean, lively, and exciting4. Vocals with great realism and emotional content4. Extended highs (slight brightness to ... 
Ohm Micro Walsh Talls spkrs vs Totem Arro or Hawk?
do not touch totem arro or hawks your better off to move up to the forests. The Shamans,winds and Forests have different drives than the Hawks or arro 
Totem speakers and others that I should consider?
I built my HT around Totem speakers. I started off with Forests but moved to Winds and the Shamans. I have not listened to their new line so I can't compare the sound but with the Winds you will get better sound sage and dept and bass way more tha... 
The search among the great ones - 20k+ speakers
I have both Totem wind and Shamans both are very good speakers and happy withe their range and depthbut before spends a lot of money on speakes make sureyou have a good DAC I have the MSB Player III the sound that comes out of both of these speake... 
Integrated for 2500 new or used?
I don't believe any thing on the market matches this oneI have had Gryphon,MBL and others 
Amp more important than speakers?
Your system is as good as you weakest link. Fine a pair of speakers you like and then ask the manufacturer what amp they like to use to test it.I like Totem and they use to use Plinius Amps and they told me about good cables and DAC to go with the... 
Dynaudio Contour SR as surrounds?
all speakers used in surrounds in my opinion should have a low range of 25hz to 30 hz because there is no standard when the audio is mixed and information can be lost. for example Diana Krall her piano comes out the rear speakersand her voice out ... 
Once again...looking for a "tube like" SS preamp
easy plinius M-8 and theirs amp are as close to tupes as Ihave heard 
Rainmakers vs Hawk
I can't tell you Hawks vs Rainmaker but I can tell you if you can swing it go to the Forests.I have the Shamans,Winds and Forest and they have difference drivers than the Hawks and all the Totem products. I tried the Hawks and sold them right away... 
Best surround speakers for music?
I have a surrond and you have to make sure that each speaker goes down to at least 30 hz all mine go to 25 hz because each DVD is mixed different so you end up lossing informationI used six Totem Winds and still it didn't get it allrightDiania Kra... 
$2000 Budget for a speaker + integrated amplifier
plinius 8100 s/b $800 best integrated I heardTotem Model ones $1000leave you room for good cable analysis plusI know where there are some if you like 
I'm looking for good pre amp with bass & treble
If I my say instead of looking for a pre amp with good bassand treble you should be looking at a good DAC this will give you both. you have a good amp so a simple pre amp is best the one that was designed to go with, Look at MSB Tech new DAC's are...