AM and FM antenna systems

I am trying to help an older couple achieve much better reception for both AM and FM on their stereo receiver.  They listen on their main floor and have no upstairs or attic space is available for antenna placement. A roof-mounted antenna is not feasible.

Have any of you had any positive experiences with AM or FM antenna systems that would help them?



I’ve had luck with the Terk D16. Give it a shot. You can get it on Ebay for less than 15 bucks shipping included. BTW, AM is very difficult with any antenna if you are looking for quiet reception !

Not sure how much they want to spend, but there is a Magnum Dynalab Signal Sleuth on here for sale.  They work incredibly well. No relation to the seller.  I've owned one of these and they do work really, really well.
I like Godar - while I have found the specific placement is important despite the instructions, mine on the first floor works great.
I bought a godar and found it no better than basic good quality rabbit ears or dipole antenna (nothing ever seems to be). and harder to locate optimally for best reception. Sold it and went back to dipole.   Term was no better either though amplifier helps a little with some stations.  Unfortunately outdoor roof antennas or indoor antennas high up even in attic when possible is always best.
Terk not term.   
Many thanks to each of you for the quick response.  I assume from the lack of comment following Yogiboy'S AM comment that significant AM improvement is most likely a lost cause (?).

Also... if they were OK with spending $300+ would you advise buying a nice dynalab fm tuner OR the magnum dynalab sleuth antenna?

Thanks again.
" ... would you advise buying a nice dynalab fm tuner OR the magnum dynalab sleuth antenna? "

There's no way to answer this question, because you haven't provided any information about what you're trying to do. Are you trying to receive strong, local signals, but have a problem with multipath? Are you trying to receive noisy, distant signals?

The Signal Sleuth is not an antenna, btw. It's a tuneable antenna amplifier.
If the goal is to pull in more stations clearer the ticket is to use an fm tuner known for high sensitivity (and noise rejection). Tandberg used to be my favorite but many better vintage tuners were quite sensitive and are worth a look if assured to be in good operating condition. Nowadays, I like some of the Sangean products in that this company specializes in radios and a tabletop model I own has one of the most sensitive tuners I’ve heard and I’ve heard quite a few over the years.

The Dynalab stuff always seems nice but very pricey. Might be worth it....don’t know.
Echo Audio in Portland Oregon had three McIntosh MR78's in their front window last week. A good tuner for those needing high selectivity. I did a search recently for a roof mount yagi antenna, and was dismayed to find the old names (Channel Master 4488, etc.) gone. Where does one go these days to find a real good, multi-element, high-rejection FM antenna? 
My antenna has decent source signal amplifier thst pulls stations a couple hundred miles away, 

Thanks, all, for the response, feedback.

Creed:  What they are trying to do is pull in local AM and FM signals without a lot of interference from neighboring signals (called multi-path?). The stations they like re probably all within 20-25 miles away, but they live in a fairly hilly location.  What do you think?



wdebrow---what the couple needs is a directional antenna and a tuner with high alternate-channel selectivity, such as the McIntosh MR78. The MR 78 is easy to find, but I don’t know if there is such a thing as a directional indoor antenna.
the Godar is supposed to be non directional but I notice significant differences by moving it a few inches