Furutech De Stat or Talisman?

So, you have enough money to buy a Furutech De Stat or Talisman... what would you do? I've heard good things about both from resonably trusted sources, but have not had a chance to hear either.

I'm asking because static is an issue in my home, and while my 25 year old Zerostat seems to work, in that time there has to be something better. Right?
I did thread on this a few weeks ago and I ended up buying the DeStat. I can tell you it works, and makes the most sense that it works. The fan blowing the ions and the air movement assisting the dust blowing away. Also you can actually smell the ions. I had a electronic house filter on my furnace and it claimed to produce ions and I could smell that "rainfall" smell. I get the same smell from the F-Tech. The Walker is just a magnet from I can see. I found the best price at Todd the vinyl junkie, but Music Direct met their price as I was ordering some other stuff.
My only complaint is it is combersome to hold but my hands are small. I will say nothing more on that part! But I am very happy and probably will sell my Milty 0stat.
I have Destat and Talisman Walker is good for cds there is nothing as good as Destat for lps its not cheap but sure does the best job.
I own the Furutech Destat.
Its quite bulky & cumbersome to use.
The"ON" button is at an awkward position/location.
Then when you have to flip the cd, it becomes awkward to use again.
Anyone out there with better ideas? I am all ears.
Suresh Lalwani
The Talisman did nothing for me regarding static, which we have alot of during our winter months (northeast USA). My Zerostat discharges static much better.

The Talisman does have a beneficial demagnifying effect on media, cables and tubes, but IME a small tools demagnifier does a better and more permanent job for less than half the price. Mine cost $70 and is far stronger than the Talisman. Its magnetic field is generated by a large, A/C-powered electromagnet, just like the Furutech DeMag. Not as pretty, no audiophile label, but superior to the Talisman in other respects.
Yes, two different products for two different issues as Doug said. There is a difference between magnetic charges and static charges. So you really could use both products. I have the same $70 tool that Doug uses and a Zerostat. Again, each addresses a different issue with vinyl, IMO.
I use both and the DE Stat is a work horse for my vinyl. It works like a charm but goes through batterys i guess i use it to much.
I guess I'm in the minority here. I purchased the DeStat two years ago based on all the glowing reviews. I've found its performance has been underwhelming in my experience. The internal fan is simply not powerful enough to blow away all dust as claimed by the manufacturer. I have to use a record brush, as well. In addition, my LPs are re-charged with static after play, which means each side needs to be re-zapped before removing from the turntable platter. And it goes through batteries quickly. AC operation would be a nice option to have.

$450.00 is a lot of money for this tweak. Try it out for yourself, but I would recommend purchasing from a company that offers a money-back guarantee.
In addition, my LPs are re-charged with static after play, which means each side needs to be re-zapped before removing from the turntable platter.
Well, yes. It's a function of stylus friction on a material like vinyl, which can carry high electrical potentials but is too poor a conductor to easily or fully dischage, even if grounded. If you play LP's in a static-prone environment some static buildup is unavoidable.

No pre-treatment could prevent this unless it changed the atomic structure of the vinyl (unlikely) or added some sort of lubricant layer to reduce friction (which would impair sonics).
People actually spend $450 for a device that does *almost* the same job as a Zerostat and a CF brush? Who sells this stuff? I want in!
Thanks, Professor Deacon, for those additional insights.
You're right about some fluids adding a lubricant layer. When I used L'Art du Son cleaner, I had no static issues. But I switched to the Deacon/AIVS 4-step method and haven't looked back. Life is a compromise, as they say.
Doug i only spent 350 for my de stat and yes in this hobby you win some and lose some. I could have done my home work and used something that would have done the job for less for sure. In the end my de stat has payed for it self with handling the static problems here in hotlouisiana static A/C central.