New Furutech FI-50 Carbon connectors

Finally the furutech FI-50 carbon AC plugs are arriving. Will be evaluating the plug. Will post my thoughts on this highly anticipated connector.
Well they arrived today. Initial impressions with build quality is that they are without doubt, reflect some of the highest manufacturing skill I have seen in the audio industry. The housing is all one piece, and extremely solid and hefty for an object that size. I could find no information on actual weight but they are the heaviest that I have ever held in my hand. The chrome finish is superb as well as the carbon barrel. The strain relief’s are of some non-magnetic metal. Very impressive as most companies use nylon. One matter of geometry immediately which caught my attention was the orientation of the terminations of the plug with relationship to the strain relief. All the plugs that I have experienced have always been clocked incorrectly in that regard. If your wire was round, this would make little difference. But if your wire bundle was any other shape the clocking became an important factor when closing the connector. One would have to twist the wire bundle and it would never lay correctly in the strain relief. Kudos to Furutech for finally recognizing this and fixing the problem.
With regard to price of the connectors, they retail $217 each. An extremely good price for what I see.
Now, how do they sound? That is the next piece of the pie. I am hoping that we can make a good pie. Later on that.
Well..... How did they sound?
Rolled off highs, decreased dynamics. A disappointment indeed.
Have you tried the Oyaide M1/F1 AC terminations?
Of course, The M1 and F1 connectors are very well made and very nice sounding. I have sold many cords using them and was very pleased with them. As far as cost factor they are a fairly expensive at around $350 a set. Not nearly as expensive at the Acrolink which were excellent but at $850 a set, well enough said there. For those particular reasons I am using my current connectors wich sell at 1/10 the price of the Oyaide. So far I have yet to have any complaints from switching over and am extremely pleased with thier quality and performance.