Full-range recommendations

Hi all,

Looking for recs for a good full-range speaker, used, in the $3-4K range, maybe a bit more if it's worth it. I want these to be speakers I keep for 20 years or so.

My listening room for the next few years is quite small: 11x14x7; however, we'll move in a bout five years and I anticipate having a bigger listening room.

I'm running a 150w/ch LSA Statement integrated and listen to a variety of jazz, folk-rock, rock, and piano through a Rotel 1072 cd and a Pro-Ject 5.1SE tt.

I like a warm, open sound. My current monitors are Reference 3A de Capo i's. Beautiful monitors, but lacking in the bass extension - and I'm loathe to use a sub. What i don't want is a dry, neutral sound.

Let me know what other questions I would need to answer, and thank you for your advice.

Suggestions, anyone?
Or -- would you recommend a monitor along the likes of a Dynaudio Confidence or a Joseph Audio Pulsar?

Truthfully, i'm secretly wishing someone will heartily recommend an Avalon Eclipse...
I think the Pulsars would be a great speaker for your situation. They are not sterile nor are they overly warm, they probably image and soundstage as well or better than your Ref 3As and will certainly add the bass you're currently lacking. They may even have enough bass if you move to a larger room as well.

The Dyns are great too, but personally I can't get past the looks. Not sure the Avalons would give you the warmth you're looking for but I've not heard them in a while. Best of luck.
How about LSA's LSA2.1 Statement? Price is right, has nice smooth airy tweeter, and reviews indicate it has excellent bass extension. A pair of 6-1/2" woofers per side is about as much woofer action as an 11x14 room could handle, and I have Mirage M5si's, whose dual 6-1/2" woofs have no trouble pressurizing my 18x22 room downinto the high 20s.

It would be a great match for your amp. Talk to Wally; see what he thinks.
Warm and open...sounds like Sonus Faber to me...especially slightly older models...going from your current monitor to another is a lateral move...have to move air for bass...takes a larger speaker...personally...with speakers as good as Ref A...I would add sub
I also agree with Phasecorrect: although I suggested the LSA 2.1 Statements, your situation is practically begging for a sub or two. Your current speakers are excellent from around 50 Hz up and your room is not very large. A viable solution is to add a sub or two to fill out that bottom octave. The advantages of powered subs are that some of them have high pass filters that limit the LF signal going to your little monitors, thereby making them clearer and more dynamic in their natural range, you can experiment with the subs' crossover points, phase relationships, and bass output to match your room, and you can locate the subs in-room where you get the best bass response while you place your monitors where you get the best soundstage and imaging.

If you get the first Stereophile test & demonstration CD, it has test tones from 1Khz down to 20 Hz and makes it easier to get flat bass response from the monitors' output down to the lowest capabilities of the sub(s). I find it easier to use this tool to integrate subs with sats than it is to move big heavy full-rangers on an inch at a time one way and another to try to get best imaging, fewest room resonances, *and* best bass linearity and extension.

Right now Audio Advisor has the MartinLogan Depth 3-driver sub on sale for$1349.10 through Sunday. It has a high pass crossover settable to 40 or 70 Hz and low pass to the sub ranging from 30 Hz to 80 Hz. Its bass extends down into the 20s, yet it has its own volume control so you can get your best bass extension without overloading your foom. It features three 8-inch aluminum cone drivers for fast transient response to blend with your Reference
3As while offering the radiating area of a 15-inch driver for bass slam and depth.

If it doesn't work out for you, AA has a 30-day trial-and-return period and all it costs you is return shipping.

Disclaimer: I have no relationship with Audio Advisor except as a satisfied customer. I have no relationship with MartinLogan subwoofers except as an impressed listener.
I have the speakers for the rest of my life: Von Schweikert VR33's. A big, warm, full range sound. Can be placed close to front wall in your smallish room.
Seldom seen used because they're keepers.
I have the speakers for the rest of my life: Von Schweikert VR33's. A big, warm, full range sound. Can be placed close to front wall in your smallish room.
Seldom seen used because they're keepers.
ATC-SCM40's? They are very revealing speakers though. Silk dome tweeter and a magnificent domed midrange. They reach down lower than their specifications would lead you to believe.

As far as 'warm' speakers, I'm surprised no one has suggested a B&W speaker...
Spendor SP100R2. I've seen them lightly used in your price range.
There is a pair of Spendor SP1/2R2 for $4200 on
I meant SP100 not the R2 version in my
previous post. However I did see 2R2s for
a great price once.
Proac d28. Warm and yet still open and detailed. Superb speakers. There's a pair of dynaudio focus 340s for sale right now in your price range. I've owned a pair before and they are dream speakers and worth every penny of their $7500 retail price. They are very close to the confidence line IMO. Sonus faber Cremona Ms would also work. How about Usher mini dancer 2s? Also in your price range and superb speakers.
I'd never considered the Ushers nor the ATC's. The more I research the Ushers, the more I'm impressed. Now - the last set of speakers I bought after actually hearing them were my sadly departed Maggie 3.6R's. I'm not in the market for something that big anymore, but I'm not adverse to buying a pair of speakers sound unheard. I'd never heard my de Capo's and love their sound (again, except for their limitations as monitors).

The Proac 28's also sound (in writing) fantastic.

I have this misguided bias against large speaker manufacturers, though - that artificial and unwarranted small-market/boutique favoritism. I'm also hesitant to use multiple components from the same manufacturer for similar superfluous reasons.
Simao, in New Mexico I have a 13 x 10 x 8 listening room. I use the LSA1 Statements close to the corners and have use the LSA Statement amp along with other amps and preamps there.

But there is one thing that made my room a joy. It is the Zilplex eleven cups in this room. I heard Diana Krall move from my too closed in room to the full stage for Live in Paris. Set up your room exactly as shown in their directions.

I would just keep the Reference 3As, but I do know how great the LSA1 Statements sound
I am a big fan of devore fidelity, a used pair of nines would work.
A strong contender here is Audiokinesis. Duke, the designer, has been very good about getting bass extension that is some of the best bang for the buck in loudspeakers. They are easy to drive too, which helps a lot.
Actually, Duke contacted me a few days ago; I haven't replied, but I look forward to it.

Now, you think I should go back to planar - maybe the Maggie 1.7s?