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hey Guys,
A buddy of mine just gave me a Enlightened Audio Designs DAC model DSP 7000. I have a Music Hall 25.2. The EAD gives me the ability to play HCCD,which I'm listening to right now..pretty sweet. regular cd's eh..ok. What do I have here, worth keeping in my system or just let the Music Hall do the talking?
anyone...Bueller, Bueller, anyone?
If the sound your getting is an improvement over what you have been used to, then keep the EAD in the loop. LET YOUR EARS BE THE JUDGE...

I've used EAD in the past and was always impressed with it's musicality,good stuff...
yeah I know but I have old ears :-)
I have put my EAD 7000 III against a bunch of DACs including, Chord, Audio Note 1, Krell, DCS, Accuphase, etc. and with my Forsell transport the EAD beat all others...still looking for a contender (passively looking that is)...

If you want to upgrade look elsewhere in your chain, leave the EAD in, dump the Music Hall! I had a Music Hall CD25 mk1 with mods in PS, its a nice player, sold it long ago in search for a better transport, since I had a Squeezebox modded and unmodded, CEC TL1, and Forsell, the EAD stayed.
Hey Texron,

I've been using EAD DACs for a few years, first with their DSP-1000 and now with their DSP-7000 unit. They are really good stuff, just hard to find.

I haven't heard your music hall, but I can tell you that the DSP-7000 is still an excellent performer. I'd be surprised if the music hall was its equal. The best way to find out is to do an A/B between them--let your ears be the judge.

Good luck--and let us know how it turns out if you give it a go!

Thanks, I've been A/B all day with all types of music, the EAD is better. I'm using the optical out but from The player to the DAC, I should be using a dig. cable, right?
Tex, is the a DSP-7000 Mk.I, II, or III? They are all good (I've owned all three), but if you have a Mk.III then you've got the last and best version. I still use it, and like Jsadurni have compared it against many other units.

More importantly maybe, for you, is that Greg Palma at Noble Electronics still services and also does awesome upgrades to EAD gear. Greg was one of the original engineers at EAD back in the day, so he knows how to care for and hop up these units. He tricked out my Mk.III and, as good as it was before it went in, it came back with a higher level of tranparency and extension. It had held its own against some great DACs before it went in. I'm not sure now why I'd *ever* be getting rid of it.
Its a MKI, I googled Noble, looks like something I'll do down the line. Thanks for the heads up
Ask him if he still has any remaining original upgrade kits for the Mk.I. These were designed by EAD for EAD owners to bring it up to a Mk.II. Not too difficult to do youself if you have a little skill with a soldering iron.
"Not too difficult to do youself if you have a little skill with a soldering iron."
A tiny bit :-) Any idea of the cost?
Just a short note to also praise the repair capabilities of Noble Design. I sent my Theatermaster amp to them for repair. SErvice was prompt and reasonable.

Richard Bischoff
Tex, at the time I bought it (many many years ago) I think it may have been somewhere in the $400 price range, but I am really guessing. But don't let that scare you off. Send Greg an email; I suspect if he has them the price may be determined by factors that have nothing to do with the original offering price. It's been too long. When I got it the PCM63K DAC and the Crystal chip were considered the best there was, and they were very pricey. I suspect that may not be a factor in how any remaining kits may be priced today.
I knew some guys back at EAD about 12 years ago and went thru the gamut
Started off with a EAD DSP 1000MK III(was using a T-1000 Transport) and thought it was the best ever until I got a DSP 7000MK III which added a lot more body and natural weight.Then I went the convenience route by getting the 1 box CD 1000 and it essentially took me back to the sound of the DSP 1000.I was then smitten by the looks of the ULRADISC 2000 which brought me back to the sound of the 7000 MK III with better cosmetics and convenience.That unit developed a problem and I could not get another drive cause Pioneer discontinued the Stable Platter Mechanism.
After hearing that the Absolute Sound voted the EAD P-Vision one the best cd players of the year I got one just for cd playback and that unit ,which I still have sounds better than the Ultradisc 2000 and the DSP7000.
I followed that purchase up with a DVDMASTER 6000 which has balanced 2 ch outputs and plays DVDA .(I still have that unit also.Both of these units still have servicable parts and look and sound great and can be had used today at a bargain.Oh did I fail to mention they also perform well as a transport.I'd say get a P-VISION or DVDMASTER and you'll get better and more diverse performance and these units can be modded also by the fine people at Noble
Thanks for all the help and suggestions guys, I'll let you know how it turns out.
OK another question, Noble will upgrade my 7000 to a 7000lll for $300. Worth it?
HI Texron--

That's a tough Q to answer--it will depend on the rest of your system and of course your ears. Also consider how long you'll keep the unit. If you feel that this DAC will be with you for a long time and survive upgrades in other areas then I would say go for it. My DSP-7000 is a series iii and I will keep it for a long long time.

Regarding your previous question of how to hook it up--coaxial vs. optical cable...the connection from the coaxial cable is pysically better. However the EAD DACs have circuitry to remove clock jitter than can come in via the optical line, so your optical connection is probably decent.

EAD had a glass cable from AT&T that ran between their transport and DACs--IMO this is the best way to hook up an all EAD system (transport + DAC).

Thanks, I plan on keeping it a long time, I think the rest of my system is good, not compared to some here, but for me...
Tex, I'm in agreement with Sam. If you decide that the upgrade is for you, then what I can tell you is that going from a I to a III will be a BIG improvement. Sam is also right about the glass input - mine does have that (I use it with my Proceed PDT-3 transport which has AT&T out). But there are so few sources with glass out anymore that it shouldn't be a huge issue for you. The Toslink input is quite good, as Sam indicated.

BTW, that upgrade price is great.
I've sent them an email, I'll keep you all posted, Thanks for all the help!!!!!!!!
good to see an EAD thread.This stuff was always some of the best digital out there.

I think being in the TMD center of the country may have affected the companies ambition.
Once TARA bought them and displaced all but a couple of people it was just a matter of time before they became
Still got 2 pieces and love them
Agree that it's good to see an EAD thread. I love my 7000 Mk 3 DAC and with my Philips CD80 as a transport and a Harmonic Tech Platinum Co-ax connect, this is a formidable combo. I've A/B'ed it against stuff from Musical Fidelity and the latest Pioneer Elite, it just killed both.