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Node X
just found this thread and it's interesting to read the listing impressions included excess treble.  I felt the same way...out of the box there was a lot of treble coming from this device.  Over say 5 hours this softened and now, about a three or ... 
anybody upgrade from Dynaudio Special 40 to Heritage Special?
soundstage is enormous on the HS...if you find that lacking in your 40s, it could be worth the upgrade on this factor alone. Note: I think the market may have softened a bit on the HS, meaning if you can find one it may not come at the same premi... 
Amp to drive Revel 228Be and have some fun (ideally with HT bypass)
hey @k-man1984 , I'm hoping you're still active here.  What did you chose to drive your Revels?  I've got the same speakers so I'm curious.  
Customer service win
awesome to hear about positive experiences with brands :)  
Meitner MA3 Latest Firmware
hey @ayang90, how hard is it to upgrade the FW on these units?  Just curious what's involved here.    
new Meitner MA3 hit the rack today
Thanks @73cuttysupreme for your thoughts on the MA3...your comments carry a lot of weight given you've been using it for so long.  The DCS comparison is pretty eye opening!    
new Meitner MA3 hit the rack today
hey @73cuttysupreme, any further thoughts on your Meitner unit? I've been considering this one so any insight from your 6+ months of experience with it would be appreciated  
Break in time necessary and if so how long for Dynaudio Heritage Special ?
hey @rost thanks for starting this thread. I’ve also got a pair of these and was wondering what kinda timeframe I should wait before making my comparisons. I think I have about 100-150 hours on them now so I likely have much more runway to go. Th... 
REL Carbon Special in the house!
@jl1ny wow that is a beautiful looking sub!  
REL Carbon Special in the house!
agree with'll be a good starting point.  And this means you get to play with the settings and experiment a bit while enjoying the new sub :)  
What's on your Dac tonight?
Tears for Fears/Tears Roll Down SACD  
New Dynaudio Heritage Special..?..!
@tom6897 hope all is well on your side!  I have been listening to the CODA with the Heritage Specials.  The comb is pretty stellar.  I find that there is a ton of bass and I'm having to play with the positioning of the HS relative to the back wall... 
New Dynaudio Heritage Special..?..!
@tom6897 -- sounds good I'll let you know how the CODA integrated pairs with the HS speakers.  It's great to know you have been really happy with your CODA setup and that's it's been in place for so many years.  I'm hoping this will be an endgame ... 
New Dynaudio Heritage Special..?..!
those Luxman units really are eye candy :)   @tom6897, it's interesting you mention CODA...I should be getting a CODA integrated around March/April, if you're interested I can pass along my thoughts after hearing the combo.   
Any AudiogoN members still usint Thiel speakers?
hahaha...I can relate, we tend to remember the good and not the bad of things "back in the day."  But that being said, I think Thiel's are great speakers and your memories about them probably don't stray too far from what you heard.