Dynaudio Contour S5.4 vs Focus 380 vs ...


I have been scratching my head over following question:

If offered to buy one of the following speakers for the same amount of money, which one would you choose?

Dynaudio Focus 380 (new)
Dynaudio Contour S5.4 (demo model)

The latter is the more expensive in the range. HOWEVER, the 380 gets generally extremely good reviews, and there are not so many reviews of the Contours to be found. Also, they are the older model.

How can the differences be expressed?

To make things more complicated, for a thousand Euros more, how would the Confidence C4 non-signature (used) stack up?

These speakers are clearly top of the range but does this hold true for a 10 year old model, non-signature, used?

Please advice..... I love the 340 sound, and am a firm Dynaudio believer but will not have time to go listen to them, there is no place to do so, nearby...

PS context: all this will be driven by a Linn Klimax system.

(Renew DS/KK dyn/KCT/dyn)

thank you so very much.
Without hesitation, the C4 if it is within budget and your amplification can drive them.
Having owned Contour 5.4 speakers for several years, I can attest they are wonderful speakers. They have the same Esotar 2 tweeter as were in higher models.

I can't say how they compare to the 340's or C4, just that they are very good.

They are all superb so you can't go wrong. If it was me I'd buy the C4s as
my first choice. Even though the design is an older one it's still a world
class speaker. After that I'd probably go for the 380 over the s5.4 but it's a
close call.

And just to give some context I've owned 340s, c1s, and s1.4s among other
Hi Dan and Jaxwired,

Many thanks for the replies. I need to decide tomorrow, so that is going to be a close call - any additional information greatly appreciated!! :)

as for the C4, I believe that you are right. But the government has spoken, they are too ugly, to be accepted inside the house :)

So that leaves the S5.4 and the 380, and 1k in my pocket.

@Jaxwired, thanks for the feedback. I would be happy with any additional info on why you would take that decision?

The S5.4 is larger in size, has a better cabinet construction and uses the same Esotar 2 tweeter. So I am just not sure, how these two stack up...

The 380 design is newer, gets great reviews and I personally love the 340....

difficult difficult :)
Have you ever heard any of the contours? They do not sound quite like the
new focus line. They are superb speakers and I like them very much.
However, the focus line is a bit more neutral to my ears. The contours
have a smidge richer sound. The 5.4 will probably have a more
pronounced bass than the 380. So if you do not have a large room and the
ability to keep the,speakers well clear of the wall, the focus would be a
better choice.
Hi Mikey,

Is that based on the 'new' focus line? Or the 360 etc.
Driving them should not be the issue, Linn Klimax Chakra Twin amp.
The room atm is small, but that is only going to stay like that for a year or so.

Thanks, really in doubt now...
ps Jaxwired - what a wonderful room setup you have there - sparks my ideas, I'm hunting for a house, this is what I am going to be contemplating :)

PS your feedback seems most valuable, as you seem to have heard both speakers.

I am extremely in doubt and likewise in trouble. The order for the focus 380 cannot be rolled back, or only with big trouble, and I have committed to the S5.4s....

Hoping somebody else will provide some input based on having actually heard the two (not the old Focus please)

as always, thank you very much for the help.
From experience, you do get gains moving up the Dynaudio line even if you are comparing older higher models to newer lower models. Whether the gains are commensurate to the price difference is something you have to judge for yourself. The Confidence line is in a different class altogether than the Contour line. Even the Confidence C1 is a better speaker than the higher (and larger) Contour's albeit not on an all around level (read low frequency extension) because of its fewer driver configuration and its smaller size. The older Confidence series models ie. Confidence 3 and Confidence 5 are better than the current Contour series but very hard to drive.
Hi Mikey,
thanks. I am particularly comparing Focus 380 with Contour S5.4; Confidence is now out of the picture, my better half decided against them 'too ugly to be in the house':)

The Focus 380 and Contour S5.4 can be had for exactly the same money.

Driving them will not be a problem with my amp - it has been designed for heavier speakers.

Thank you.

ps - sorry for double post..
By the same logic, I would go for the Contour S5.4.
final conclusion: the 380 was no match for the contours...
but we went for the C4 :)