Revel M20 vs. Dynaudio Contour 1.3 MKII

Anyone have a chance to compare these two? I've had the M20's before and really liked them, but I've heard great things about the Dynaudios also. I'll be using an audio refinement integrated with a Linn cd player.
I'd venture to say that the M20 owners will recommend them, and the Dynaudios', likewise. I've yet to find anyone whose auditioned both these speakers with the same electronics, for a fair comparision. The M20s, do it for me. Stands my man. I've said it a zillion times, I know, adnauseam. They are such an important (fundemental) extension of your speakers; that one, just, cannot forget the ($) and quality involved with selecting a killer speaker support system. You can see, obviously, from my reviews, what I love. The M20 stands are terrible. The M20s will reveal everything (pro and con) in your system. Fasten your seatbelt. That Audio Refinement may be on borrowed time. Could be just the beginning. Been there done that. I know you, probably, have, as well. peace, warren
Hello S7horton,

I have owned both the M20 and the 1.3MkII and I liked the 1.3s better. I purchased the M20 and ran them with a Krell KAV-500. These speakers made a mockery of what was considered, in its time, a powerful amp. At more than moderate volume levels the soundstage would collapse. I got rid of the Krell and purchased a Plinius SA-250MkIV and that took care of the power needs of the speakers. They sounded very nice but I found them a bit forward for my taste and after a while the effect wore thin on me. I then heard the 1.3MkII at a local dealer and I thought they were very smooth and relaxed in their presentation. I brought them home for a shootout and what I heard at the shop came out even more in my system. The difference, for me, was the metal tweeter in the M20, as apposed to the silk dome on the 1.3. I did have the Revel stands at the time, but I heard both speakers on them and the results caused me to sell the M20s and purchase the 1.3s. Of course, there are many variables that affect the sound you will get with any speaker but what I've mentioned above were the differences I found in my home, in my system, YMMV. I can agree with Warren about the stands. He has been singing the praises of the Sistrum System for a very long time and I have been a slow but steady convert. I've just purchased two amp stands and I cannot believe the difference they have made on my overall sound. I now have my current speaker stands for sale to finance the purchase of the Sistrum speaker stands. If you have an opportunity, get both sets of speakers in your home for a test on your system. That is the best way to know if you prefer speaker "A" or "B". If not, try them at a dealer. They may not have both sets in the one shop but I've compared different speakers in different shops and have always been able to hear what I like and whenever I've gotten them home, I find that I've made some good choices.........John
John, please let us all know (what I know already) about your experiences with the Sistrum system. You're going to freak! peace, warren
Nothing could be sweeter than Sistrum Speakers.........[aka Harmonic Precision Caravelle's]on made for them Sistrum speaker stands..Tom
These are very different speakers! I suspect personal preference will dictate which one you would prefer.

I've listened to both and own the 1.3SE. In my view, the M20s have a more forward presentation with the top end being a bit too hot for my ears. I auditioned the M20s perched on their factory matching stands and an all Classe system. IMO, the M20s would be better matched with tube equipment but I haven't heard them set up this way.

The Dyns have a smoother top end but I didn't sense a loss of detail compared to M20's metal dome. The Contours also have a fuller/fleshier mid range presentation which I prefer, specially on vocals.

The M20s were the last stand mounter on my must audition list prior to my purchase. I believe that if you were to spend time with both, the decision would not be too difficult.

As a former owner of 1.3, before i went with 5.0 (and still think "note per note" 1.3 MkII would be better suited in some situations) i will strongly suggest auditioning Dynaudio Contour line of speakers, with your own gear, in your own room. Dynaudio requires good amount of current for the best performance. I am not sure if AR integrated would be enough?! But would also strongly suggest Living Voice Avatars for the equal amount!