Dynaudio Contour S 1.4 vs Special 25?

Hello everyone,
Please, help me to solve my dilemma.
Recently I heard the Contour S 1.4 at the end of Naim electronics similar to mine which is CD 5x, NAC 202 and NAP 250.2. I played some of my favorite music – hard & heavy rock, electronica, acid-jazz and I was totally convinced about the speakers.
While trying to find some good deals in the used market I realized I could stretch for a used Special 25 pair as well.
The problem is that I haven’t heard the Special 25 neither in Naim system nor in A/B comparison with the S 1.4.
Could you please describe me the main differences, pros/cons etc. of both models.
I imagine the Special 25 are more detailed but on the bright side as well which I am trying to avoid – currently I am using huge studio monitors from Tannoy DMT 15 II, which are quite revealing, uninvolving and pain to listen to bad recorded rock&roll on them.
My listening room is rater small – 12 x 9 x 8 – may be a problem for the bigger back ports of the Specials?
On the other hand Special 25 are upper in the Dynaudio’s ladder and “the best sounding monitors” according to some but will they be better for my case?
Thanks for your suggestions!
For a little bit more money than you'd spend on Special 25's, you can hold out for a used pair of Dyn. C1's ($4K). Keep in mind, Dyn's need space to sound their best, so be prepared to place them 36" off the front wall.
It seems the C1's are kind of hard to find on the used market these days or at least I cannot.
On the other hand I have a good deal on the Specials but I don't mind to wait couple of weeks more for a proper pair of C1's if they are that better.
Any other thoughts, please?
I agree that the C1's are difficult to find on a regular basis. The Special 25's are a safe bet. You can always sell them down the road and upgrade to the C1's when they become more common on the used market.
I do not think that the special 25's are bright, they can tend to be a little forward if the upstream is, I think that they are very reveiling. They are very sensitive to set up. I have mine 27" from back wall, no boominess of the bass. Definetley not bright, see my set up. I do play 80%+ vinyl. I have heard mine with the Naim CDX2 and loved that CDP, I think that naim is a nice match. The 25's are a liitle easier to drive than the C1's or 1.4's. I do think that most, but not all, would prefer the C1'a but with carefull system matching, room set up the 25's are hard to beat.
I have the Special 25's in a 15X19X8.5 room. They fill my room very easily. I think they might be a bit much for a room your size. They have incredible bass response, but to get that they need to be into the room at least 3'.
The 25's and the C1's are two of the best monitors out there. I think the 25's are more suited to your taste in music, but again room size could be a problem. I have never heard the S1.4's, but I have listened to the 1.3SE's and they were an incredible little speaker.
The problem with the Special 25's is that you need great outboard to support them. If you have mid level outboard it is very hard to make them shine. I was using an Arcam FMJ32 with P1 monoblocks. I really was never wowed by the 25's, but then again I had the same size room as you. I do think they needed a ton of room to operate in. The tweeter was definately superior to the Esotec, but not mind blowing. The cabinet seemed to add something strange to the sound I was getting. That is why I ended up going back to the 1.3SE. I had the S1.4s, 1.3MKII, 1.3, and 140's. Between the 1.3SE and the S1.4, I would rather have the 1.3SE. There really is something special about the 1.3SE's. The S1.4's were a bit overblown to me. An exagerated bottom end and a top end that was not as exciting.
It sounds like your question is whether to buy the S1.4 New from the dealer, or the Special 25 used off of Audiogon.

Go with the dealer. The S1.4s are excellent sounding, and unless you have complete top notch gear and room, they will not be your weakest link. The S25s are better, yes, with bigger dynamic capabilities, and a smoother top end due to the better tweeter. They are both ultimately similar sounding, though, and both completely awesome and incredibly dynamic (and full bass) for their size.

However.... and I don't mean to rain on any parades... but don't get Dynaudios with a 12x9 room. You will never by happy. Even though these Dynaudios are monitors, they need big rooms, even bigger than many floorstanders.

I had the S1.4s in a 13 x 15 room, and even this room was too small for them. No matter what I did with room treatments, the bass was peaky, and I couldn't drive enough current through them to get them to open up.

I would look for a small sealed box (or front ported) for that size room. For bass, with that sized room the placement flexibility of a small subwoofer would be best.
the Special 25s have amped up treble as noted in two online reviews with measurements fwiw. weird as dyn usually is not noted for that
Thanks for all your responses, gentlemen.
As far as I get it the Special 25s are really "special" in the Dyns ladder and are more revealing and unforgiving for the type of music I mainly listen to. Also they are harder to drive and place in smaller rooms as well.
Although I haven't made my final decision yet it seems I'll skip the Special 25 and will stick with S 1.4 or wait for a good deal on used C1 which are definitely the best choice, I suppose.
Thanks for all your help everybody!
i think you are making the right decision---waiting for C1 to pop up will give you more.
agree with rkerv. i've lived with the 1.3SE for many years and now the C1. the 1.3SE is an incredibly special speaker and i would pick it any time over the s1.4. i think it will also be a good match to naim voicing (and so will the c1). if you can find it used they are great value and you will not be disappointed.

these dyn's love space and your 12x9 room may be a challenge. be prepared for room treatments.
FWIW - I A/Bed 1.3SE with S1.4 at the dealer.... same system, same room, and I ended up with the S1.4.

The 1.3SE had no real advantages over the S1.4 that I heard.
Well, it seems the 1.3SE and Special 25 are out of the equation.
What would be best - to go with C1s only or with S 1.4 partnered with good quality musical sub.
Naim electronics; small room; rock music.