I attended Dylan's final show at the Beacon in NYC (last evening) with my son, daughter, son-in-law.  Having seen and heard him more times than I can count, I think last evening's was in the top three.  In fact I have a ticket for the final stop on this tour (Philly Monday evening), and can't see how the Beacon show can be topped.  The man is magical, and on fire.  If he tours next year and you have even a bit of interest I suggest you act on it.
Yes, the man's a living legend. Perhaps the greatest one left still operating near the peak of his powers. How long has he walked with one foot in this world and the other in myth?

I can't think of anyone else I'd make more of an effort to go and see, certainly not the Stones who were only half the band without Jones. Possibly Led Zeppelin if it was local, definitely the Incredible String Band if they gave it one more shot. 

Been a Dylan fan for as long as I can remember. Seen him many times live. The last time (a few years ago) Wilco & My Morning Jacket opened for him. I took my youngest with me to that concert. He thoroughly enjoyed it as well.  
“A living legend” is the best description of Bob Dylan. I’m a huge fan! I have seen him twice in Berkeley...once at the Berkeley Community Theatre, and at once The Greek. Always gives you your money’s worth. You have to listen closely to the words because he changes the melodies from what you are used to on his records. I always feel like it’s a privilege to hear him live. Still touring after so many of his peers have retired or passed on. I hope he’s still working long after I’m gone.
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I saw Dylan at the Beacon last week as well. If u are a fan, don’t miss this tour. Easily his best in decades. He sings well ( yes for him), the band is great and the song selection is magical. This is one I will remember for a very long time.
Looking for Dylan tickets online, I learned that “There are no concert dates scheduled in your area.” Oh well. Looks like most of the dates next year are in Europe. I can’t get upset. For my money, I hope Bob (yes, just Bob) stays forever young and I’m lucky enough to see him next time he comes to the Southwest.
Attended his show in St Augustine FL on this tour.  One of his best that I have seen.  
…….I find some of these comments very surprising as well as interesting. I saw him in the last seventies, then a few times in the eighties when the Grateful Dead and or Tom Petty 's band backed him up and then with his band in the nineties. I saw him a couple times in in the early 2000's and one time in particular during that time, his voice was sooo bad and the lyrics he was singing were indistinguishable to the point that the very fond memories I had of his songs I was hoping were not going to be '' forever tainted ''.  I almost left that show half way through as it was just plain awful. The band / musicians he has with him were top notch so I enjoyed just watching them and out of respect for Mr. Dylan, I stayed. My brother and I agreed that Merle Haggard was a much show and he was the warm up band. It is great that he is still touring for people who have maybe never have seen him and ant to see a living legend but ehhhhh I would never see him again. Willie Nelson is now what 85-86, now that guy can still sing and play !   
Garebear it is surprising, I too have seen him dozens of times including when Merle opened; these new shows, the arrangements, the clarity in sound (piano vocals and harmonica) shocked, amazed and overwhelmingly pleased me.  

…….but his voice is in auditable and the arrangements of the songs I have loved and grew up with have been changed due to his even more limited vocal capacity and range which makes it or has made it very difficult for me to listen to. 

But,  Mr Rpeluso if you had a great time ; that's all that matters and what counts the most !  

I will day however, there will never be another Bob Dylan in our lifetime     

:I have seen Dylan about a 15 times going back to the Rolling Thunder review.  I was at his 30th anniversary show at the Garden in 1992 and have seen  at least a dozen times since then. The reason those who have seen this tour are raving (me included) is that in this tour his voice is in better shape, he sings better, the arrangements are innovative, etc. I was frankly shocked that I could say this tour was in my top 3 Dylan tours of all time and better than any performance of his I have seen since the 80s. His voice ain't "great", but it is also not the inaudible droning mess it's been in the last few decades. On this tour, he actually carries the tune with his vocal lines. His voice on this tour is comparable to his voice on the Tempest album--clear and a bit on the deep side, somewhat raspy but quite intelligible .So for those fans of Dylan---don't give up. This will be memorable. I'm not just saying this cause I'm a fan who can't let go. I'm actually a bigger Stones fan but I would not bother to buy a ticket to watch Mick talk through the songs as the boys mail them in. Not so Dylan on this tour. Truly happy I went. 
Though I love him, I've seen Dylan live only twice. I prefer to experience his kind of music privately, for some reason. I didn't see him until the very late 80's or early 90's, and he and his band (the 3-piece with G.E. Smith on guitar) were just awful. I could not believe how bad! The second time was on the "Love And Theft" (an album I adore) tour, and he and his band could not have been more different. Dylan looked to actually be enjoying himself, engaging with the audience and smiling (!). He even played some primitive Chuck Berry-style guitar solos (as Larry Campbell looked on, bemused or befuddled ;-). His singing was good (without the changes in melody and its phrasing he sometimes makes), and his band (led by guitarist Larry Campbell) were really great. I'd see him again.
I only saw him once, during his gospel period, must have been 80s, and was not impressed. Way too low key. I like his records a lot, though, for the most part, though not that much at the time, and all the action in the early days. He was already a huge icon by 1964-65. I met his best friend from his time in NYC was it 1960-61? whose name is Paul Clayton back when I was in school.
Interesting.  I saw him a couple months ago on and it was the single worst show of any kind that I have been to....by a large margin.  I actually left early, along with many others.  It was just one huge garbled mess of sound...dump some forks in your disposal and mic into a PA at about 130 dB to get an idea.  I went expecting greatness.  It was bad to the point of comedy.