Dylan...whats the deal?

Don’t understand it.Baffled. Dylans album Hard Rain recorded live on the Rolling Thunder Tour had never been reissued by Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs on vinyl. This is by far one of the greatest live albums by any artist and a great one in the Dylan cannon. Great performances, revved up vocals,punky almost,Dylan singing like his life depended on it. This album is embarrassingly looked over and was even omitted in a recent Rolling Stone magazine dedicated to the entire Dylan discography. Although this  was an official Columbia Records release it is ignored like a red headed stepchild. 
The critical literati at the time dismissed "Hard Rain" as being bland and released too soon after the more greatly admired "Before the Flood"

More recent reviews haven't really changed that opinion and the record companies probably don't see it as a profitable candidate for reissue.
Given the state of vinyl production today, anyone interested is probably better off tracking down a clean vintage copy of the LP
Apparently, Sony Legacy, has decided that Hard Rain was worth a new reissue.  It's available on amazon on 01/27/18
That's a good era for Dylan in my estimation. (He's lived 9 lives, at least).
I'm friends with Rob Stoner, who played bass and was his bandleader at the time. I seem to remember some fancy boxed set (Classic Records?) from the tour(s), but not sure what's on it--