Dunlavy out of buisness?

I just heard by a salesman that Dunlavy had/was going out of buisness. Anyone heard anything about this?
Well, their site has been down for several days, and there have been sales on their products all over the place, so it seems like a possibility.
Just talked to the company receptionist. She said that the company has been sold to a local business man who plans to keep the location the same and continue manufacturing. The principals had left by the time I called so I didn't get any details
Wow I can't belive this. Now the question is what is about the change with the speakers? Is John Dunlavy still designing the speakers? All of the highend companies are going under/changing hands or something.
Have they joined Genesis and Arnie somewhere on a long vacation? Probably all playing great music through huge, fantastic speakers. I'd love to be on that desert island. I have really been sad to hear about Genesis, one of my favorite companies. And now Dunlavy too. I s'pose Bose is still steaming along.
I spoke with John Dunlavy on Monday, so he was still in the office at that point. (His status at the company was not the topic of our conversation.)
My understanding from my dealer, who has carried Dunlavy speakers from the start, is that John sold or is selling the company but will be staying on for a few more years, so the company won't be closing down. Hey, he deserves a chance to wind down and relax! Wish I could do the same at times.
if dunlavy "sold" his company to someone else in colorado springs, i'd be willing to bet the farm it's his largest secured creditor. if you think that bodes well, then you likely also believe that mr. dunlavy escaped australia whilst it was still a british penal colony. i'll check my local sources tomorrow and post any updates that seem worthwhile. -cfb
Any member who has access to the D&B commercial credit database can check out cornfedboy's suspicions. I'll contibute $10 to the cost of the query via paypal to any member who will run the query.
BTW in order to not get anyone in trouble I'm not asking anyone disclose any details of the D&B report. Just a simple cfb is off base or seems to be on to something is fine.
As an aside, did anyone really like his speakers? I auditioned the SC-IV and SC-V and I could not believe the
box colorations - sticking my ear to the sides, I could hear
the bass and primarily the mid drivers "leak" sound out.
As if the speaker was hollow inside (which is probably
not true); they certainly did not pass the knuckle test
I had a pair of SC-IV/A and loved them. I ended up moving so I had to sell my system. Some of the best speakers to my ears. I was looking at a pair of SC-V but now that the company is changing hands/out of business I have to look elsewhere.
Anybody (other than rcprince) consider the fact that JD is probably in his late 70s or even early 80s and might want to slow down a bit? Running a company is a lot of work.

Ack - gee, did anyone really like his speakers??? Read the press reviews, read the positive comments on this site and others. Not everyone has the same preferences as do you. I, for one, don't listen to my speakers by sticking my ears to the side but, hey - go for it!
You are right. JD has to be getting up in age. Hopefully Dunlavy was just sold and is not going under. Great speakers in my opinion.
Dunlavy is NOT going out of business.

The company has been sold and John will be retained as a consultant. They will be at CES this year but in with everyone else as opposed to being by themselves in a separate building.

I was told their web site was being re-done in line with the new owners request
Their Web site has always been poor, ditto their marketing in general, not to mention the industrial design of their speakers. If re-worked, all of these these things could really refresh the brand.
A division of Wybron?

I just took a look at Dunlavy's entry on the CES website, which shows "Rand D Clark" as CEO of Dunlavy. A little further research shows this same Rand Clark is also the CEO of a company named Wybron, a manufacturer of entertainment lighting systems also located in Colorado Springs. Sounds like they're the new owners of Dunlavy. The current line of DAL products is truly state-of-the-art, and I can only hope that the new owners maintain the same focus and committment that Dunlavy Audio had under John D.