Exemplar , Are they they still in Buisness?

I remember a heated debate awhile ago with Exemplar and APL
I bought a APL3910 with all the latest upgrades and will do a review soon.
Just wondering though , what happened to Exemplar ?
The web site is obsolete and I see no discussion on Exemplar.
They look to be as active as ever. John's products are frequently sold here through at least one dealer.
Their site seems to be functioning.

I've been enjoying an eXemplar Exception II for a couple months now. I bought mine through a great guy named Thom Mackris of Galibier Design in Colorado. When I placed my order for the Exception II, Thom stayed on top of John through out the whole process.

If John went out of business, it's probably due to shear exhaustion, heheh.
Thom stayed on top of John through out the whole process.

Sounds kinky Dean! Are mpegs available? I've got a few friends who may be interested.

John Tucker is still very much in business, and has a new upgrade for his Denon 3910 mod that is unbelievable! He is also still making amps and preamps, and working on some other projects that he is very excited about. Before you ask, my only connection to the company is being a very satisfied customer.
Marco, Your insight makes my following sentence even more hilarious. Heheh.
The web site seems to be real old info about the Denon 2900.
I have a friend that lives over by John Tucker and has 2 of his modified players. According to Chris, John Tucker is very busy working on players and building his pre-amps. (He does more than just modify players).

While you may not see much discussion about Exemplar, John Tucker seems to be very busy.

Glad you like your APL. :)


Jack Seaton
The webpage is very much out of date; perhaps because he is so busy. The 3910 has sold quite well. There is a new Dac, a flagship 5910 mod, and the Altec driver tractrix horned speakers.

I have never had the chance to compare the Exemplar and APL 3910 mods which I had hope to be able to do.
What would be great is a comparison of APL vs Exemplar vs TRL!
I would love to have the opportunity to do so myself, but I know that I little trust others' comparisons and believe no one should jump to the conclusion that what sounds good in my system would apply elsewhere.
Hi all,

Yes, John/Exemplar is alive and well ...

John and I will be exhibiting together in Suite 7130 at the Rocky Mountain Audiofest on September 29th - October 2nd.

Look for a new 300b amp from John at the show, along with the Denon 5910 and a flagship DAC.

I'll be hauling my Cherry cabinet Exemplar horns (groan), and of course there will be great vinyl there from my Galibier turntables and Schroeder tonearms.

John is certainly difficult to reach. Both Ric Berda (his Chicago dealer) and I try to pick up the communications slack for him, but we face a bit of a perception problem.

Many people don't even know that John has a dealer network (scroll to the bottom of the Exemplar home page to find the link), and John's voice-mail gives you no clue

Yes, his Exemplar website is hopelessly out of date. I've been hounding John for new pictures so that I can update my Exemplar section on the Galibier Design website.

John is working hard toward making things better. He has hired a full time assembler with whom he is very excited (not that way ... get your minds out of the gutter).

This fellow has experience working with extremely small electronics (surface mount devices and such), so doing things like the Denon mods is a walk in the park for him.

You can expect this single move to help John begin to catch up on demand in the coming months.

Your best track to John however is through dealers like Ric and myself. I know ... it's fun to talk with the designer, but if all you get is voice-mail, you're fooling yourself. That's why John hand-selected us as dealers.

Additionally, we tend to get hold of special "one-offs" and demos that you wouldn't otherwise know about.

Thom @ Galibier Design
I was hoping such a talent had not given up on the Business.
Do you know if he can do any modding on a Denon 5900?
I'll ask, Ozzy.

As you know about John, because he didn't do it yesterday, it has no bearing on tomorrow.

Thom @ Galibier

When John was modding the 2900 I had asked him about the 5900. He told me that because of the interior layout there wasn't enough room - the 2900 actually had a more functional interior design. I believe it has something to do with the size of the power supply that he was using. I don't know if there have been any changes that would facilitate a mod. He has successfully developed a mod for the 5910. I'm waiting for mine to arrive...

Ken Golden
I expect to have an Exemplar 5910 on my return from Alaska. There will be no mods of the Denon 5900 as there are no further mods of the out of production Denon 2900. There will be an Exemplar dac for redbook only.