Zu Cable still in Buisness ?

Up until this week the Customer Service with Zu has been excellent.
This week I can't reach anyone via the phone number nor are they responding to emails.
It sais on their website they are in the process of moving to a new location.
They are still very much in business and expanding thier product line all the time (they just brought out a new interconnect) - thier web site is still www.zucable.com.
I think the new phone numbers are somewhere on the web site as well
I had the winning bid on a Mother Power cord.
I talked to Adam this past Monday and he said he would send cord out ASAP and that I would recieve them before the weekend.I did not recieve them nor can I find out what happened via email or phone (no one answers)
I paid via Postal Money Order.
I hope it is moving problems, but email should not be effected.
Good news!!!
I finally contacted Zu (Shawn) there DSL was down which effected the email and phone lines.
They will send out my order ASAP.