Do Blue Dots applied to LP labels improve sound?

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Front end is Well Tempered Classic TT & Arm with Blue Point EVO II.
Only if you dip them in LSD and lick the label before each side ;~)
I prefer the Avery brand black. They only seem to work if bought at office Max. The ones from staples & office depot do not work as well.
They will work if you use them in conjunction with a Lirpa Labs turntable.
No,but the sellers sound system will,from the profit.
If you apply them in a perfect circle on the lable and wrap them in lead foil pile of about ten in each location leave the top one blue. Then rhe blue dots will help flatten the record and stabilize the rotation. The down side is that you can't use the record jacket.
Maple Syrup makes them sound real sweet!!!!!!!!!!
If you would like to try a really good tweak in this area go to and look up their record weight/clamp system. They use really small triple points on the platter combined with a specialized brass weight and centering system giving great results. Very easy to use and they have a 30 money back guarantee on all their stuff. Happy listening.
Weights, clamps, and rings make a difference in the sound; some like them, some don't. TTWeights, Bren, VPI and many, many others make good ones. Harmonix makes a $3000 record weight; I am not making this up. I am a dealer for them but have never seen this particular product. I'll be glad to get you one at a substantial discount [LOL].
Is this a serious question? Are "Blue Dots" the actual name of a product? I use sticky dots on record labels to indicate to myself that I have previously washed that particular LP with my VPI RCM. You can buy them in any stationery store. Most of mine are yellow or green or orange. Cleaning used LPs definitely does improve the sound. IME, the Well-Tempered tts and tonearms have a signature sound that would not be altered by the simple application of a dot, blue or other color, to any LP.
If it was a serious inquiry then someone needs to break the news to Speacore about Santa Claus.

I have always assumed that the "Blue Dots" ads on this website were either a spoof or a copyright-infringement detection device used by Audiogon.
The dots are terrific!!! I use them as a coaster under my Chivas Regal on the rocks. The sound improves with each sip! best tweak I have found:>)
Why does this thread seem like some kind of a shill? It's gotta be either that or someone still suffering the aftershock from New Year's Eve revelry?

I'm sorry, but I cannot believe that anyone who synapses would actually think that sticking blue dots onto an LP label would have any effect. Everyone knows that only the red dots work that way...
GB Shaw wrote:People always get tired of one another. I grow tired of myself whenever I am left alone for ten minutes, and I am certain that I am fonder of myself than anyone can be of another person.”

I grow tired of this site unless I am selling something.
More of those type of tweaks[]
Try again.[]
Tom6897, If you will drink good Scotch you will not need ice.
Robob- Must be a habit I use one or two cubes with Vodka, Gin and Bourbon too. I think I like the coolness of the liquour. I will try it straight tonight. any rec's?
Yes, they do! Let them mature for at least 18 months first. Preferably underground, wrapped in cloth from the shroud of turin (you can get some on e-bay).

One of the best tweaks I've ever tried.
Thanks to all for your contributions. Just the sanity reset I needed for the new year after reading this:
Holy Cow!!! The verbiage practically tells you it is BS or a deliberate joke. I wonder how many sets have been sold, and to whom. Only slightly more absurd than the Harmonix "tuning dots", however.
"I will try it straight tonight. any rec's?"

Try a single malt such as Glenfiddich or Glenlivet. Even had a cheaper one that beat the blends. Wish I could remember the name. My brother ruined me with good scotch in the 80's. 'Bout given up alcohol these days but two fingers of single malt sounds good.

Don not play LP's when using alcohol. Scratches may result!
If you think this is bad, look at the site Hifihvn posted. They say they can improve the sound of your system over the phone; it doesn't even have to be turned on. Talk about Spooky Action At A Distance.
Stanwal - We find it saves on house calls. Like the blue dots, the tele tweak operates on the principle of mind-matter interaction. No more Mr. Nice Guy.
Best practice is to purchase the Blue Dots- apply them to record label (do this first), then head to the 2nd closest Home Depot and purchase a quart of seafoam green Behr Premium Plus Ultra plaint. Next you need to mask off the already applied Blue Dot with painters tape- careful to mask out a perfect circle, and paint with a generous layer of green. This- if done while listening to music free from any recorded whistling sounds will result in a record with a deeper sense of stage and width increases anywhere from 30% to 45%.
Of course if the Blue dots are closer to ellipses and have the words Blue Note after them, then you probably have a good sounding LP. Particularly if recorded in the late 50's or the sixties in either Hackensack or Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

What do I win?

What do I win?
More blue dots!!!