How, or why does an amp stand improve sound???

I love the Grand Prix shelving and amp stands (especially appearance. The only reason I do not have the amp stands is that I thought the price (especially with apex footers) was too high. Just browsed a past thread that espoused the "extreme" sonic improvement over normal stands.

To add insult to injury--let me inform you that due to lack of space with my fairly elaborate high-end system--I currently have 2 Bryston Monos on top of a nice art pedestal (pedestal is on carpet, balanced and made of the high quality black piano finish material that many speakers are made of) on top of each other with a Sony 400 DVD player on top of the top Bryston mono. I do have a glass plate made for the Sunfire amps with rubber feet between the 2 monos. There is plenty of air circulation, but again, they are simply stacked on top of one another except the Sunfire glass plate between the monos.

So--please feel free to berate me as appropriate. Will getting a couple Grand Prix stands with apex footers really improve my sound along with finding a way to get the monos on the floor as most "normal" audiophiles?

BTW--i have B&W800D's all the way around with 805's as rears / very high-end CD, DAC, all cables, Processor, Sony 5000 Blu Ray, Furman Ref conditioner.
Anything is possible for those who 'believe'. i actually do not know if some amp stands can possibly improve the sound from the amps. I will NOT say it is impossible, just 'improbable'.
If you want the stands..and need an extra incentive to make the leap... I won't give you one. LOL.
My Bryston 4B-SST2 amp is on a $3.00 24"square dark red concrete patio block.
It is hiding behind a low open design chair, so the appearance is not a factor.
The new stands would look good. That is all. But then where would you put the Sony?
Rich mans "feel good".......great for looks though, and gets you extra points at audiophile sites.

Think about it?

Normal amp stands (anything fairly well made).....which allow you to place your mono amps very close to your speakers (using very short speaker cables) will improve your sound.

I wouldn't say that you should spend that kind of money without knowing that there will be an improvement, but I can say that it is easy for me to hear the differences that various cones and pieces of wood make beneath my CD transport. A less expensive alternative would be Mapleshade maple platforms with their triple point brass footers.
I can only comment on a direct comparison I made with a Grand Prix Monaco w/F1 shelves against a Finite Elemente rack using just a CD player to compare. It was definitely an improvement. Consequently when I bought my MX-Rs, I went ahead and packed up by Zoethecus stand and bought a Monaco amp stand, but only w/ standard spikes. I agree the apex footers are very expensive. Why don't you get the stand w/ standard spikes? Your dealer should be able to arrange for a temporary swap w/ apex footers for you to evaluate.
The more vibrations you reduce to/from the amps the cleaner the notes will be. Will the sound be "better", if you like more defined notes and a tighter base I'll venture to say yes!!! Will the DVDs be a little "cleaner" when just the player is on the pedestal I think so, although a softer shelf like MDF with some vibration reduction devices between the pedestal and shelf would be better still.
Separating the amps will reduce/eliminate "cross talk" between the amps resulting in better channel separation, more definition in each channel and should improve the sound stage and imaging.
Personally I've found in general the "better" the rack/stand the "better" the sound, and Im at best half way up the ladder of possibilities in isolation from racks and platforms.

Agree with Samhar.
Materials and construction of the rack/stand will be audible on a high resolution component.

I don't agree with Samhar's statement of "The more vibrations you reduce to/from the amps the cleaner the notes will be." There will be a rack/stand that will be less harmful and more sympathetic with the sound you want to achieve. Granite and materials like my Polycrystal rack tend to remove harmonic overtones thereby emphasizing the leading edge. Some may describe the sound cleaner, but to me it sounds thin and bright which I don't like.

I would go with the Mapleshade stands. Try the Grand Prix if you want and resell if you don't like them.
Thank you very much for your commentary--