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Does anyone remember the phone call listening room inmprovement scam?
Almost as good as the pieces of wood or bowl of marbles that you put atop your speakers. Only $50 bucks.  
Audioengine B1 Bluetooth - Really Surprised
HiTo answer you question. Each format has it's place. Sometimes I want to get really deep into the music so I go to my vinyl. Sometimes I want to be there with the music but not be so involved so I go cd. I love the ease of my iPod and think it so... 
Audioengine B1 Bluetooth - Really Surprised
Got one six months ago. Stream all sorts of stuff from my G3 smartphone including Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Soma, Pandora, Spotify, Youtube, iHeart etc etc. through my VAC PA100/100, Modwright pre and JM Reynaud Offrende speakers. It sounds great. No ... 
Your last concert was to see who and when?
Beats Antique and Shpongle at the Shrine in Los Angeles Saturday.Black Keys at the Fabulous Forum in Los Angeles on Wednsday before that. 
Himalayan SALT Lamp
I get an audible buzz when I light them up. 
Floor protectors - Under speaker spikes
Re Coins: I found that the sonic benifits of nickles far surpassed pennies. I think it must be the different metals. Quarters, on the other hand tend to smear the top end. I think becuase they are a sandwich of metals. If anyone has tried pre '75 ... 
Voice regognition remote?
Invoca 3 Voice Activated Remote. check amazon. 
Interesting Video
A little beauty on a bad day. 
Cables for biwiring
Wrong. 14 different opinions. 
Upscale audio advice
If Upscale says something it's a good idea to listen. IMO 
Don't use this to lube your VPI Classic bearing
I use a quick spray of lithium grease from a spray can on my Scoutmaster once a year into the bearing well. Never had a problem but make sure you clean out what is left from last year with a Q tip. I can't figure out what "below the brass piece" m... 
Burning question about two VAC amps and dead tubes
Sounds weird. I have a PA 100 with RCA cleartops and Valve Art KT88. Whenever a KT88 dies it blows the fuse. The first time that happened I freaked not knowing what was happening. Now I know it's just time to buy a new quad and a fuse. I'm suprise... 
bookshelf for classical music under $2000
For exactly what you are looking for I suggest JM Reynaud. If you can get a hold of a set of used Twins or Duets go for it. The new model is the "Bliss" I have an old set of Twins and they are exactly the kind of bookshelf speakers you are looking... 
Periodic replacement of Audio Grade Fuses?
It's a wonder all those high tension utility lines keep working for years on end. Also, I'd better get my house rewired. It's been almost a year since the last full replacement. 
Where does your user name come from?
I used to do porno in NYC when I was young and needed an alias for the credits. Manson had just murdered Jay Sebring and his real name was unpronouncable. He figured a short first name coupled with a car race would sound Hollywood sexy and that is...