Did you see Springsteens latest show???

I have seen the future of Rock and Roll and it's name is Bruce Springsteen, again. Now more than ever. Long live Rock.
I've seen him 3 times. All fantastic!
Thanks for the "heads" up.
I used to like Springsteen, until he got caught up with the anti-nuke crowd. Be sure to give him your thanks for the high cost of gasoline, home heating oil, and the acid rain and fly-ash from coal fired power plants.
Springsteen is a washed up hack, seeing how he hates America so much I invite him to move.
Fatparrot missed the show.
bruce hates america? hell, i thought he was america. i saw his first show as a 'columbia' recording artist...he played warm up to sha na na in columbus, ohio.....now there was a radical band for sure.
Bruce Springsteen loves America and what it stands for, he is a true patriot. It's this current administration that's un-American. George Bush is not America. The right to not support his war machine is what America is all about. Its our duty as Americans to keep goverment in line and he's doing his part. What are you doing???
Dreadhead, the saddest part about what you write is you're dumb enough to believe it. The radical left has controlled the house and the senate for several years now, and have done nothing to pull the US out of Iraq or Afghanistan. You will do anything not to get blamed for the loss of the war, and you'll do anything to keep a victory from taking place during the current administration...

You're all posturing and NO substance, just like Bruce Springsteen who is a washed up hack for the radical left. If you think energy prices are too high, thank the left...



Hi, thanks for the personal reply, gotta admire your convictions. I agree
with you whole heartily about the democrats. They have proved to be
ineffectual leaders, two sides of the same coin. Radical left???? I think
not. I and many others like me, love this country and would be willing to
die for what it represents but this man in office has done much damage to
our great nation and children are dying because of it. Lets both pray for
peace, life is too short for anything else. Take care my brother, Rick
The largest sacrifice most Liberals will make is paying the high prices for coffee at StarBucks.
Best to ignore the unbelievers. Bruce loves this country and he speaks it everyday.
Wish the poets would speak up and the war-mongers go hang with Rumsfield and his little globe. Those guys have damaged America for generations to come.
they have opened a starbucks in nogales az......needless to say, they won't sell any of that last mccartney cd there either
whats wrong with you guys..the power structure ALWAYS wins...case closed
Nice thread.

High oil prices definitely attributable to Springteen - Iraq disintegration, Iranian hostility unlikely to have any impact. Also relieved to hear that once No Nukes guitars are silenced, reactor boom will flourish, energy problems will evaporate.

You guys really should run the DOE.

By the way, who could have known that Bush administration's grotesque mismanagement of the war effort didn't prevent swift victory during Bush term - it was several years (???) of "radical left" opposition in Congress. This probably would come as a surpries to the military professionals who resisted the Neo-Con "shock and awe" squad's insistence on troop levels 75% lower than recommended - that worked out nicely. Or did I hear someone say "surge"?

If tou have time, you should look into the DOD, too.

Also delighted to learn Earth is 5,000 or so years old - still almost brand new!
Maybe HEW on your coffee breaks.

Friggin' Springsteen!!
Anyone see the Springsteen interview on 60 minutes? I like Springsteen although I don't have any of his music. I especially love "Streets of Philadelphia." For many reasons I believe it is one of the great ballads of our time. I hate to say it, but Bruce sounded bad on the excerpts from his latest tour that 60 minutes picked for the airing, sometimes off key and flat. He has always had a hard, gritty edge to his vocals but has always been in tune. But now...?
A few comments re: your above post:
If Springsteen is, as you state, such a "washed up hack",
what performer(s) do you consider to be, shall we say, viable?
Secondly, what's really sad about your comments to Dreadhead is that you actually believe the"radical left", whatever that may be, is resposible for our current gas prices??
I guess you also believe that Bush and Cheney aren't in bed with big oil?
When you talk about all posturing and no substance, you're talking about our dumb ass president, aren't you?
Better yet, name me 3-just 3-things this administration has done that's been worthwhile?
Look forward to your comments.
I can name 3
Tax Cuts
Patriot Act
Annoying Liberals
Greh - since in your ignorance you are unaware of the e-mails that have passed between the author and me, in which we discussed many of the things you mention, I will reiterate.

The cost of energy is up because the tree huggers have prevented viable and safe energy since the 70's. Now ALL the power plants are seriously outdated. The cost of gas is based on supply and demand. The president has no more control over the cost of gas than you with your exessive release of methane does on the ozone layer.

Logical thought is obviously not your strong suit, but consider the idea, gas prices first jumped up under the Carter administration. Was Carter in collusion with big oil? Prices took their next biggest jump during the Clinton administration, does that mean the lying fat bastard Clinton was in bed with big oil (along with all those tramps)???

Our president that you accuse of being dumb got better grades in college than the last two presidents. Don't forget the fool that dropped out of Oxford to smoke dope, but not inhale...

President Bush (with whom I have a number of areas of dissatisfaction) had the courage to stand up to international terrorists after fat Billy let them bomb our embassies, our Navy vessels, Marine barracks, and the World Trade Centers. Before you jump to your feet and declare your righteous indignation at my error, remember the first bombing of the WTC!?!

President Bush lowered taxes on the middle class, of which I at about $40,000 a year am a part. I am very thankful that he is concerned about common working people.

I love that GWB doesn't allow his policy be determined by public opinion poles. His ratings are poor, not because Americans are unhappy with the war, but because he has fallen into the left mode of spending money like therre's no tomorrow, BUT his approval rating his much higher than the democrat controlled house and senate...

Next time think before you open your mouth!



wasn't this post about a Bruce Springsteen concert?
Seems like there are a few Bruce haters for whatever reason. I like his music and don't pay any attention to which way he sways politically. He gives real value when he plays live.
True Rock and Roll equals rebellion. It always has and always will. Elvis, Beatles, Sex Pistils, Nirvana. To try and separate the two diminishes the strength of both singular and combined. That being said all those people who think musicians should just sing and leave the politics at home don't really have a fucking clue, do they?
I'm sure if Springsteen sang about all the good the republican party stands for we wouldn't hear a peep from them. Of course that's impossible because as we all know they do no good and the two party system is broken. I really can't tell one talking head from another and believe none of what either party tells me. I am a true Rock and Roller, just like Joe Dirt, and I know that politicians are full of shit, right?
Bruce Springsteen speaks the truth. Did those cops really need 41 shots to bring down an unarmed black man? Is this not the worst President in your life time? It is in mine and I'm 51 years old. Has Bush and his kind not raped the Bill of Rights and brought this great nation to it's darkest time in our proud colorful history?
I love South Park. I think it's one of the most original shows ever produced but the two guys who created it are right wing assholes. Does that make me love the show any less? Of course not. What kind of idiot would let an artist's personal political opinions get in the way of their appreciation of the artist talent?
If you love true from the heart rock and roll then you love Bruce Springsteen. It's not a question of tastes, its a question of faith. Music is one of mankind's greatest inventions and real music is pure Magic and thats what Springsteen gives us, Magic.
Don't give me your big worded rebuttals. I grew up with Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin and don't give a shit about your right-wing craziness, like... thank Bruce for the price of oil or that whole No Nukes thing. Do you hear yourselves? Do you? Are you guys nuts? There's Right and Wrong not Blue and Red. Don't let the crazies divide us that's what they want.
Long live America and long live Rock.
Just like a Liberal, get on YOUR soap box but dismiss any counter thought, and by the way the worst was Carter.
History will look back at the impossible situation GW was put in and have a favorable view of his tough choices, narrow minded folks cant see the big picture, hopefully in time the will be able to get it in focus. I also would like to know what part about this raping of the Bill Of Rights has directly impacted you....do share.
I do see a point about our 2 party system being broken but no one party takes the blame for that, we all are at fault for letting it get to this place of shamble.
Amen Brother!!! Very well said and thank you Audiogn for posting it.
What are rock & rollers rebelling about? Anyone can do anything they want, say anything they want. When rock & roll and hip-hop cultures are the status quo & mainstream, what in the Hell are they rebelling against? The minority who happens to have different opinions? Oh yeah, rebelling against the Bush admininstration.

Let's see Bruce S. come up with a solution to the worldwide Islamic revolution intended to establish the Califate throughout every continent. Just ask the lucky 400,000 who've been slaughtered in Darfur. Their lives sacrificed for the coming World of Islam. Anyone know that 3,000-4,000 have been murdered by Islamists in Thailand in the last 3 years (according to a Detroit Fress Press article quoting a New York Times article)? What does Thailand have to do with the Bush Admin, or Israel, or big oil? How about the thousands who march in the streets of London carrying signs saying, "Europe, your 9/11s are coming", "Kill all non-believers", and "Cut off the heads of all infidels"?

Unfortunately, Martykl is absolutely right - the Bush fumblers have blown everything they tried. They let thousands of Taliban terrorists escape in Afghanistan, including Osama Bin Laden and Mulla Omar. They also completely blew the Iraq war at every phase. If Bush had been president in 1941, we'd all be talking German west of the Mississippi, Japanese east of it.
Of course, if Gore had been president it would have happened a lot sooner.

By the way, Bruce has always sung and shouted from the front of his throat giving a pinched and constipated quality to his singing. That and the sloggy musicianship has always put me off. "Philidelphia" is a great song, though. He's not posturing as usual.

Anyone else remember a mid 80s Absolute Sound review of a Springstreen concert in which the writer said he felt like standing up in the middle of the show and shouting, "I am the only here not being fooled by this??"

Oh yeah, as regards America's position in the world, anyone realize France elected a conservative President, as did Germany? Europe is slowing starting to come around because - their 9/11s are truly being plotted now.
You guys are on the wrong site.
This was started by- did you see the Springsteen concert?
I have not, but I definitely will. Because he is the BADDEST of them all!!!
He has nothing to do with terrorism, oil prices, or your audio spending habits.
He is simply a GREAT American rockin roller with the writing and chops to "prove it all night."

Viva The Boss
'Oh yeah, as regards America's position in the world, anyone realize France elected a conservative President, as did Germany? Europe is slowing starting to come around because - their 9/11s are truly being plotted now'.

Tom with all due respects I think you should concentrate on music as you know diddly squat about EU politics.
He isnt bad for a retarted man.
I've never seen him live, but I really like his old stuff. Most of all I thank him for saving us from disco.
I haven't seen him in a long time. I think his recent concerts can be classified as arena rock, which I don't care for.

As for his politics, I would be a lot more impressed if he and other rock stars weren't hoarding such huge fortunes and consuming so outrageously while pointing at others for not being compasionate enough.

I also can't take rock stars too seriously when they consume thousands of times the amount of energy that I do each year but tell me that I need to cut back on my energy use.

If Bruce was playing great rock n roll more and pointing fingers less, these threads wouldn't be going so far off topic.
Gawdbless - Are you saying Europeans are remaining naive? Sarkozy taking 55% of the vote? Chancellor Merkel remaining "highly popular" with the German people? Both Sorkozy and Merkel saying they want to re-establish strong ties to the USA? The BBC reporting "Islam is the biggest threat the secular France in 100 years"? Months of rioting in France with thousands of arrests and tens of thousands of cars burned (along with Catholic churches)? France talking tough AGAINST Iran? By the way, check out Brussells.com and Littlegreenfootballs.com - loads of fun and all the news Daddy Gore doesn't want you to know. Just bring your filtering system with you for brussels.com.

By the way, my wife and I had some interesting conversations with shop owners and regular citizens this summer in Rome, Cannes, and Dubrovnik.

Guess this really should be sent in an e-mail...

I agree with a lot of your views, but the European sentiment toward the US seems mixed, at best. In European opinion polls, the US is still consistently named as the biggest threat to world peace. Last I saw - April or May of this year -that included France and Germany by significant margins over the runner-up, Iran or Israel, depending on the country in question. They may have elected conservative leaders, but many Euro-voters seem to believe (rationally or otherwise) that the US caused their problems.

Chad - your juvenile rsponses add nothing to this debate.

Nrchy - Your position that everyone is a passive "price taker" of oil is an overstatement. The study of policies to manipulate supply/demand is called Macro-Economics. HOV lanes, subsidies for alternative fuels and public transportation, and CAFE mileage regulations are just a few examples of policies that damp demand for oil. Any administration has far more extreme policy options available - however, they might well cause more harm than good, in many ways.

Further undermining your own argument, you compare price spikes during the Carter aadmin to the Dubya admin. Incredibly enough, I'm about to defend Carter ( the worst US president in my lifetime till Bush2). Both price spikes were the result of "supply shocks".:

In Carter's case it was the overthrow of the Shah.

It would be a stretch to claim that these presidents were equally passive victims of supply/demand forces beyond their respective control.

Your position on the history of nuclear energy in the US is similarly marked by overstatement and/or misinformation.

"Every US plant" is outdated?
Are you suggesting that the US generating portfolio should be 100% nuclear?

"Tree huggers have prevented viable and safe energy since the '70's"?
Putting aside questions of safety and reliability, PURPA - the 1978 law which effected the restructuring of the US power industry - has proven a far greater impediment to nuclear development than tree huggers over your time frame.

My point is:

Defending a fundamentally conservative approach to government does not require defending Geprge Bush. He is manifestly incompetent. Nor does this point of view need overstatent and ad hominem venom.

Marty , You need to man up and laugh, life is too short.
Martykl - Euorpeans have disliked us for over 200 years. Most recently, they stood against us in the 70s, 80, 90s, and today. And yet, we freed them from mass murdering Nazism and Communism (the most deadly polical and social movement in the history of the world. Che alone killed probably 12,000 people and continually advocated the execution of anyone who disagreed with him). And, hopefully, now it seems there may be some movement toward rational self-interest in good 'ole Europe.

I've seen those surveys. Pretty sad naviete when Muslims have executed or are planning war-like mass murder in at least 10 Euorpean countires and another 30 or more elsewhere in the world. The US and Israel at fault? In Thailand, Switzerland, the Phillipines, Indonesia, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Spain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Canada, Sudan, Russia, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Denmark, Nigeria, Somalia, Kenya, India, etc., etc.? How do we connect the bad old USA to these continuing events?

Anyway, I think we should let the Bruce fans get back to it.

Agreed. I was merely observing - not defending.


Sorry if I missed your humor, but perhaps defending my libertarian mix of political opinion here in LA has hyper-sensitized me to being lumped in with that portion of the right wing whose debate could be more thoughtful.

I make no apology for being more of a Conservative, but I think we can both laugh at each of our views and have a bit if fun with it from time to time.....we need more then 2 parties because I dont fit either mold very well, and as far as I see all the "serious" canidates are very flawed. Pick your poison!
Hey Tom,

I know where you are coming from and there Is too much to say on the subject here, and It would be much more fun to discuss over a friendly beer In a bar eh? Something we can do freely (unlike some). I will say though that the British Gov/MI5 believe there are over a 1000 sleeper cells In London alone. Waiting. Something that is probably (thankfully) not happening here. Remember, we have to get lucky all the time, they have to get lucky only once. Big up to the US/European Intelligence for keeping us and our fellow EU brethren safe.

Anyone else think 'The River' is a good album?
once at a jimmy webb concert, i saw cal thomas and toby keith at tables right next to the stage. i guess they don't let politics get in the way of the good stuff, even when its coming from a liberal. after the show, they looked like they loved him (as the rest did) at the aftershow meet and greet. the point being, if you let politics guide what music you like, you'll be listening to silence.......

One of my favorite memories is Jimmy Webb at the Algonquin in Manhattan. After a late night at work, I went to a midnight show -just JW at the piano playing Up, Up & Away, Wichita Lineman, the whole greatest hits catalog. Great stuff. Glad to hear he's still at it.


PS - We libertarians get to choose our music from both ends of the political spectrum - no silence here!
Jay, not really sure what you mean as Toby Keith is a registered Democrat who believes in the mission and troops in Irag....he is not a Conservative.......Cal Thomas is another story but he can seperate Politics from entertainment.
just meant the audience was cool with webb's views..during and after the show
Oh sorry.....fast reader slow brain.
Anyone else see that Springsteen is embroiled in a lawsuit in which it's alledged he reneged on a horse purchase for $850,000.00? That's ONE horse. And the horse was to be for his daughter!!! Now that's a definite definition of fabulously rich!!!!
Oh yes, he sure is a regular guy, who among us hasnt been sued over pulling out of a $850,000 horse for our kid? Boy the more I read, the more I see that he truely is just like all of us!
I had a friendly acquaintance in the 1980s who was the area rep for Polydor/Polygram. He worked with Springsteen on a number of occasions (along with Whitney Huston & John Mellencamp). Wilson had told me number of times that Bruce was somewhat hypocritical - would act one way in front of fans and the media, another behind the scenes. Said Springsteen would insist on $5,000.00 a night suites (back then!!) when he'd leave the country, would stay at more pedestrian digs while in the USA. Wilson said Bruce very carefully cultivated his 'working man' image while demanding more and more money, perks, etc. And he knew how to spend them. Wilson told me back then that Springsteen was one of the first (Michael Jackson being the other) to demand a 100% increase in what he was being paid per CD. And remember, Bruce married a supermodel in the 80s!!

Wilson said Mellencamp was the only rocker/pop star who was completely down to earth. Treated everyone the same and liked his Bud. Never demanded unreasonable things and would accept whatever situation he found himself in. Always in a mellow mood and was friendly with everybody including stage hands. Wilson said he was exactly like his image on his records. Of course, this was all 20+ years ago.
I met Mellencamo once, nice guy and laid back.
i have seen springsteen about 15-20 time most in the 70's and 80's, many small venues camden county college NJ, tower theater Pa. etc. he was positivley in his prime then. not so good in the 90's, back for a second and third wind after 9/11 with THE RISING and MAGIC. saw him at the medowlands a little(lot) older but he still has that spark. as far as his politic go, all i can say is THANK OUR LUCKY STARS FOR ROCK AND ROLL AND IT'S "BOSS" BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN! LONG LVE THE BOSS and LONG LIVE ROCK AND ROLL!
Isnt it a bit odd that Springsteen is touted as a working class hero but he is a boss?
not the "boss" of you or me, just rock and roll! not odd at all. wasn't elvis the king