Definitely not the sound of silence :

I turned on my Belles 150 amp today after being out of town for a while, and I immediately heard a high pitched oscillation accompanied by a buzz coming out of my speakers. I turned all other components off, and the noise persisted.

Any ideas what it might be? I turned almost everything off in the room and I still heard the sound.

I'm going to try another amp to see if that fixes the problem.
Sounds like lightning may have gotten it.
Do you have a television hooked into your system? If so, do you have cable? If you do you may need a ground loop islator.
I unplugged the tv and the sound still persisted.

Can lightning affect a system that's off and connected to a surge protector?
Lightning can do strange things. It doesn't matter if a component is off or not. What surge protector are you using? Some are better than others.
The answer is YES it (lightening can).
Well, crap. I really liked that amp and I can't afford another one at the moment. Note to self - unplug audio gear when going out of town.

My surge protector is nothing fancy - a Monster Cable unit that I picked up w/my HT purchase.

Wow, this sucks. On the upside, I guess I can start shopping for a new amp.

Anyway, thanks for the heads up, folks. Anyone want to buy a fried Belles 150? hehe
Does Monster offer any insurance coverage on damage to equiptment? Most companies say they cover 5K-25K.
I wonder if any have ever payed off on a claim, all those hoops to jump through!

You may want to call your insurance agent also, depending on your dedutable amount.

Good luck, I feel for you,
It is probably repairable. Call Dave Belles, he is very friendly and will work something out with you. He may offer you a new one at a very decent price.
So the policy is legitimate, and the lightning missed his house but hit a tree in the yard and still blew up most of his equipment. i.e. rendered it unplayable.

Monster took a while but paid.