Sending Check for Payment to Sounds of Silence

I'm about to purchase a couple of Vibraplanes from Steve at Sounds of Silence and the payment he requested is a check. Steve sounds like a really nice, legit and honest guy but I've never sent out a check for this much money to pay for any audio gear. Anybody work with him in this way before?
Steve is a stand up guy. A check will get you the lowest price, but if you are worried, pay by credit card and offer to pay the vendor serivice fee for use of a creit card.
Steve is a well regarded member here. You most likely realize he designed and manufactures the Vibraplanes. I am actually considering a pair or two of cables from him, but have not contacted him yet and have no prior experience with him.
Of course a pair of Vibraplanes are more costly than the pair of cables that I am considering. Otherwise, I myself would have absolutely no concern with sending a check. Tho, I could just send up a couple of the boys from NYC here..... ya hear that Steve? :) HA
I made business with him. Very good, very reliable and he does take care that everything works well.
I've bought a couple of things from Steve here on Audiogon. EXCELLENT transactions with absolutely NO problems or issues.

Highly recommended!
Someone wrote,

"You most likely realize he designed and manufactures the Vibraplanes."

Let's not get too carried away.
I've had several dealing with Steve, I think highly of him and would not worry one minute about sending him a check.

My Vibraplane came from him and I paid by check precisely as you questioned. I know you did not ask but I think the Vibraplane is a wonderful product, my system would suffer huge loss without it.

You'll understand once it's in the system and you hear what it does long term.