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are all amps equal
I think the room you are using has a lot of input in the sound factor. What is the size of the room, flooring type,etc.I don't know any thing about Usher speakers, but this might help those who do give a better answer than what I've read so far.I ... 
Krell and CJ PV12
Replacing caps on tube gear every year, wow, never heard that before.Sounds like a great income source for service dept.Hope all works out for you! 
Speaker life expectancy: How long can you buy used
They are 30% of original list price, 70% off seems very good. 
Best way to connect 2 preamps to 1 power amp
Why not Email Bryston Canada and ask them about using the switch on the back for bal/rca. I'm sure they have had this come up before, I've wondered about this myself but have always used 2 systems. 
Repair shop for Rotel amp
Try and find a local shop with a good record of repairs.No need to ship unless your in a very small town without services.No need for damage or loss from shipping is a bonus, as well as saving shipping costs! 
Tube Amp for Totem Hawks
You should be fine using the 4 ohm tap from whatever amp you choose with 6 ohm average rated speakers which will drop down below 6 ohm. 
To seal or not to seal ...
Besides the already mentioned negatives, it's also an almost square room.Try headphones rather than speakers. 
Magnepans in a small room
I tried the 12's in my office system, it is almost the same size as your room. They just didn't work very well for me.I moved them into my main room which is much larger and they sounded a lot better. You really have to give them room to work thei... 
Is Soliloquy out of business????
Hi Rudd,What is the current president's name?Thanks,Dave 
DK Design VS- Reference vs Signature
How about Class A-, A+ seems presumptuous to me,but then again, they are the BEST amps in the world according to several reviews I've read. 
Question about quality of Meadowlark
I'm using Kestral Hot rods in my second system.First with a Belles 150 SS amp,and now with a CJ MV 55Tube amp.They sound great with both amps, and I've had no problems.If anything did go wrong, the replacement parts can be ordered, so I see no nee... 
How many audiophiles to screw in a light bulb?
Mejames,You MUST use an inch pound torque wrench or you will break the bulb!!!!!! 
McIntosh & Maggies - am I hooked-up the best way?
You may want to try them in 2 channel rather than bridged,and biwire vertically or horizontally.It may be an easier load on the amps if they don't have autoformers.I'm not a big fan of using bridged amps, and since you have a pair there is no need... 
Question about Bi-Wire jumpers
You might try making jumpers with the same bi-wire cable your using now. 
amp fuse
Generic is fine. Just make sure they are the same amp rating, and either fast blow or slow blow.