Decent entry level turntable?

Hi all, want to try out a turntable. Started collecting some vinyl but dont have enough to warrant a big purchase. My system is pretty mixed up right now as I moved to France and had to let a lot of pieces go. So I know its not an ideal analog system.

Any suggestions for decent affordable starter turntables?

Used Rega P2 or P3
New Rega RP3
Project Debut Carbon (new review in TAS)

VPI Traveler (more expensive than above)
I'd vote for the nottinham horizon. It's the only entry level turntable I've heard that actually sounds like the real deal
Thanks all, I went with the Rega RP1. Living in France my options were quite limited and so was my budget.
Denon 47F, with a 103 cartridge. Great sound, great value.
A Rega, any Rega -sounds MUCH better than a Denon 47F, been there, done that. 103 is good on Regas as is the cheaper 110 .
RP1 or Carbon, with any Ortofon 2m
Rega RP1 was a good choice. No muss, no fuss plus good build quality.
I was not aware that the RP1 has all the automatic features of the 47F, which makes it a great no fuss table. What's the expression, 'Set It, Forget It'.
Since you're just starting out, I would suggest either the Rega RP1 with Performance Pack or the Rega RP3.

Theses are great turntables for the money and are truly a "plug-n-play" solution, especially if you order them with a Rega cartridge pre-fitted.

Don't forget that you'll have to also budget for a phono stage if your present gear does not have a built-in one.
Yes Denon is set it, forget it.
Forget the music as well.
VPI Traveller
The French ebay has not much to offer. Look instead to (Germany).I made some sarcastic comments about the Linn LP 12 but you can get one on for a good price. If you are interested in any Thorens model there is no better place to look for. Inside the EU you need not worry about the transport cost. Check also: