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BW 800-805 D3 series VS 800-805 Nautilus/S series
Sticking to my budget, I only auditioned the B&W 804 D3 speaker and in comparison to a friend's B&W 804s, I found that the D3 did everything better.  The D3 sounded more coherent and had better driver integration than its S counterpart.  I... 
Ryan R630 or Spendor D7
I contacted both Ryan and Spendor and both told me that their speakers would work great in my room & with my MAC.Then, I proceeded to re-audition both speakers (2 different dealers) and I seem to be leaning more towards the Ryan R630 speakers.... 
Integrated Match to Focal Spora No. 2
They do need some room to breath and to perform at their best. My room is 12ft x 14ft and proved too small for the Sopra 2 speakers.I auditioned them with a Luxman L-590AX Class A solid-state integrated amp and it seemed like a very nice match.  A... 
Bryston BDP media server a good choice today?
Bryston BDP-2 digital player with upgraded Bryston IAD (upgraded soundcard) makes for an amazing streamer!  I have one & couldn't be happier! 
I was looking at getting McIntosh gear but two of my friends who had McIntosh SS separates (pre-amps & power amps) for the longest time, auditioned Devialet SS integrated amps and ended up switching to Devialet.  After spending some time with ... 
Proac D-30R
I've owned my ProAc Response D30R since Aug/2013 and I absolutely love them. I'm using mine with a Devialet 200 integrated amp and the combo is fantastic! My room is roughly 12ft x 14ft with an 8ft ceiling and they work great in my room. The ribbo... 
Lyra Kleos vs versus the EMT TSD 15. Thoughts?
I totally agree with Pani.The EMT TSDD15 needs a real gut SUT and is also best matc hed with tube equipment. I owned one for about 1 year and never liked the sound through a solid state system. I ended up selling it.If you don't use a SUT, then st... 
Searching for perfect mate....Mono Cart and VPI
The Ortofon Cadenza Mono ($1,300) is a very nice mono cart!If you can stretch a little more, check out the Lyra Kleos Mono at $3,500. I heard it on the all-new Brinkmann Spyder turntable and it's a spectacular mono cart! 
VPI classic 3 or Prime ?
Are you going to keep your SME 20/3 turntable?If not, I don't think the VPI models are "upgrades" when compared to an SME. Definitely, different but not better. 
Lyra Delos vs EMT TSD 15
Tonearm = Origin Live Encounter MK3C (9" model)Phono Stage = Linn Uphorik 
Lyra Delos vs EMT TSD 15
At $5,000 for the XV-1s, I hope so... 
Lyra Delos vs EMT TSD 15
In the past I've owned mostly Dynavector cartridges and I really like the Dynavector sound but when I ordered my Brinkmann Bardo turntable, I was told that the EMT TSD15 SFL would be an excellent match for this turntable and that it's an amazing c... 
Dynavector 20x2L with the Sutherland 20/20?
100Ω should be fine since Dynavector recommends > 30ΩThe Shutherland 20/20 is a great phone pre-amp! 
Sell quality turntable to buy top CD player?
What about the all-new Rega Saturn-R CD player (roughly $3,000 US). It comes with a built-in DAC should you ever decide to get into digital downloads or invest in a digital streamer/player. 
What is the best phono preamp you have heard?
For the money, the Linn Uphorik MM/MC phone pre-amp.It's extremely flexible & quiet and I'm using one in a non-Linn system with the EMT TSD15 SFL MC cart mounted on a Brinkmann Bardo / Origin Live Encounter anal;og setup.