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Under $2K table/arm advice
My vote for either the Rega RP6 or Origin Live Aurora!For MC cart, I'd recommend the Dynavector DV-20X2 for either of these TTs. 
Quick poll: Rega RP6 or Marantz TT-15 ?
The Rega RP6 with Dynavector DV-20X2 MC Cart. 
TT Preference: Brinkmann, Sota, Dr Feickert
Congrats Mpjtf, it's one heck of a TT!What tonearm/cartridge combo are you using on your Bardo? 
TT Preference: Brinkmann, Sota, Dr Feickert
I went from an Oracle Delphi MK-III to a Linn LP12 and when I couldn't keep up with all those LP12 upgrades ($$$), I decided to go for a simple yet reliable setup and got the Rega RP6.After auditioning a Brinkmann Bardo, I was really impressed and... 
A brand new Dynavector DV-17D3 (current model) retails for roughly $1,100. 
Recommended turntable/tonearm combo
Rega RP6 is a fantastic TT ! 
Brinkmann TT with an SME arm - any experiences?
I purchased a Brinkmann Bardo direct-drive turntable and was hoping to get an SME tonearm with it. However, my local dealer suggested I get the Origin Live Encounter MK3c tonearm instead, which is what I ended up with.BTW, I'm using the EMT TSD15 ... 
$7K to spend on new turntable + arm
Well said, Jmcgrogan2! 
$7K to spend on new turntable + arm
Stringreen, it may not matter to you but I was just stating my experience. I lived with the VPI Scoutmaster for about 3 years and although it did sound good, I could never get used to the VPI unipivot tonearm (absolutley hated the feeling of handl... 
$7K to spend on new turntable + arm
You've had your fun with the VPI Scout, now maybe go for something totally different.That's what I did since I really couldn't stand their extremely wobble (unstable) VPI unipivot tonearm.There are lots of good choices out there, so audition, have... 
Moving-Coil Step-Up Transformer SUT
Rauliruegas,what do you mean by "a great SUT where you need to rewire internally" for the Denon AU-340 SUT? 
VPI Direct Drive Turntable
Way too expensive, if you ask me.Have a look at the Brinkmann Bardo direct-drive turntable at 1/3 the price of the VPI and sounds absolutely amazing (I have one)! 
Phono Preamp - 2k budget?
I would recommend the Sutherland 20/20. 
Dissapointed with import LPs.....
You should have a look at Japanese pressings.My experience has been great with these. The vinyl is really black in color, the LPs are super flat, the spindle hole is always dead center and the sound qulaity is great! I buy these locally in my area. 
What is the Phono stage you have finished with?
The Linn Uphorik MM/MC external phono stage is absolutely amazing and provides lots of adjustments.