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Ginko Cloud 11 vs Solidsteel 5.5
See the following link for your second question: 
Definitive Technology - ST and STS
Anyone other comments / opinions? 
Music Server
Did you guys see this? thoughts? 
Some Questions about Plasma Screens
Read this to answer question #1: #2:I would definitely get a good surge protection powerbar for your flat panel. 
LP -12 Felt Plater Mat
I heard the Boston Audio Mat1 on a friend's LP12 & it made a big difference.As Drjoe mentioned, it was designed using the LP12.Read the reviews: 
Turntable advise for an analog novice
I owned an LP12 for about 10 years but could not keep up with the upgrades since these were too expensive for my budget (e.g. Keel, Ekos SE, T-Kable, etc...). I ended up selling my LP12 which provided about 70% of the funds to get a new VPI Scoutm... 
VPI SDS connectivity question
OK so the SDS power cord is removable. What about the Scoutmaster motor power cord? Is it removable also? 
VPI Aries 3 upgrade advice
If you shop around, the Periphery Ring and Center Weight is about half price of the Super Platter. Also, the Periphery Ring and Center Weight will work on the Super Platter.I would opt for the Periphery Ring / Center Weight combo for now keeping i... 
Has anyone added a second belt to their VPI Scout
Why don't you try e-mailing Mike at VPI. He's a great guy! He's always answered my questions.