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VPI Scoutmaster Tonearms
You can upgrade to a VPI Classic 2 or VPI Classic 3 arm (I did) but it will involve some minor drilling (note: the VPI Classic 3 tonearm provides on-the-fly VTA adjustment).As for other "non-VPI' arms, you will have to drill through the plinth for... 
New Rega RP6
So, any Rega RP6 owners out there???? 
Rega P3-24 or VPI Scoutmaster
I own a fully loaded VPI Scoutmaster with SDS and my VPI / Rega dealer told me that to do better, I would have to go at least Rega P9 or SME 10 (i.e. $10K+). 
Dynavector XV-1S ---is it overkill for my system?
For your setup, either keep your cart and upgrade your phono stage or funds permitting, do both.As for phono stage, I'd recommend either a Sutherland 20/20 or Parasound JC-3 or better yet a Linn Uphorik.For a cart, I'd recommend either the Dynavec... 
Best cartridge match for SME 309 tonearm???
If you like the Dynavector sound, go for a Dynavector XX-2 MKII MC cart.The Lyra Delos is also an excellent MC cart. 
Lyra Delos Settings
Jonathan,To answer your questions above..."The Nordost Heimdall 2 will likewise be one meter long (3.28 feet)? FWIW, 1.2m is more common for bespoke tonearm cable." - Correct, the Nordost Heimball 2 will be 1.2m in length."How long would you estim... 
Lyra Delos Settings
Hi Jonathan,My tonearm is a VPI JMW-9 Signature tonearm with Valhalla internal cabling and I have no idea what the capacitance is for this cable.However, the phono cable (1 meter) that runs from the VPI Junction Box (RCA) to the Linn Uphorik phono... 
Linn Uphorik!I compared the Sutherland 20/20, Parasound JC-3 and Linn Uphorik and decided to get the Linn Uphorik.It's extremely quiet and provides loads of settings to match most cartridges.Here is a link to an excellent review of the Linn Uphori... 
Upgrading the Dynavector DV-20X Low MC Cartridge
Audiofeil,Would either the Sutherland 20/20 or Parasound JC 3 phono pre-amp be a good match for the Dynavector XX-2 MKII and Lyra Delos? 
EAR 834P vs. Heed Quasar phono
I was wondering the same thing too.Anyone compare the two? 
Upgrade from Rega P5
Have a look at the Linn Majik LP12 for an upgrade within your price range. Once you own the Majik LP12, there's a number of upgrades you can add (over time) to get to a fully loaded Linn Sondek LP12.Linn Majik LP12: 
Ray Samuels F117 Nighthawk vs. PS Audio GCPH
I'm using the F-117 Nighthawk with the Dynavector DV-20X Low MC cart and the combo sounds great! 
Mod 1200MkII or Buy Rega RP6? or MMF-7 Package
I would wait for reviews on the new Rega RP6 before making a decision. 
VPI Super Scoutmaster Cartridge ?
Dynavector DV-20X2 or Lyra Delos work extremely well with the VPI Scoutmaster/VPI tonearm. 
New Rega RP6
Sunnyjim,I spoke to a local Rega dealer and below is what he told me, in answer to your questions:1. The redesigned RP6 power supply is the same as the older TTPSU, it was simply a cosmetic change to match the new Rega DAC and Rega Brio-R componen...