JPS speaker cables...decent ?

Can anyone offer me some "sonic characteristics" of this cable, and perhaps what you "do" and "don't" put it with?
JPS??? Just Plain Sh#t???? it does not sound too good to me, just kidding I could not resist it was the first thing that came to my mind.
I like them. As multiple threads have pointed out only you and your system can tell if they will work for you. I found that the JPS cables match my system the best, they just seem to get out of the way. BTW I have Gallo Reference speakers connected to a McCormack DNA-2 with a dual run of JPS Superconductors. The amp is connected to a Theta Cassablanca with a pair of balanced Superconductors.

One other point, Joe the owner of JPS is a great guy who will be happy to discuss almost anything audio with you at length.

take the RCA's off and VALLA!!! greater depth and soundstage. Oh by the way Joe can be a jerk!!
decent is being modest. i have the JPS Super bi-wires (older model) and they're great. no complaints. have them hooked up to merlin vsm-ms, which are extremely revealing of every change (amazing how they do it). the JPS convey the changes down the line, and w/o emphasizing one area over another. pricey, but great cables