Dan D'Agostino Momentum amplifier- which preamp?

Anyone run Dan's amp (or amps) with linestage pre from other manufacturers?

I tried Dan's gear (integrated and separates) with my Rockport Aviors. Amazing in many ways, but lacked the palpably real presence of "vocalist in the room" that the best tubes provide. Anyone run Dan's amp(s) with a tube preamp?

Thanks, looking for that last (or at least the next last) final system.
Audio Research Ref 5se is a great combo with Dag amps. Tested them in house. Best of tubes and solid state.
What source/s do you have David?

Cheers George
Anyone run Dan's amp(s) with a tube preamp?
I know an audiophile drove his Momentum Mono with ARC Ref5SE. It sounds very good but impedance not perfect match.
I know CKKeung on WBF runs an ARC Ref 40th Anniversary preamp successfully with his MC2 S1400 mono's. They're pro amps, so I'd expect them to be fairly neutral. The Ref 40 pre is very nice if you can find one.
First your Aviors are fantastic speakers. I assume you have them properly set up and your room treated if necessary?

I've heard my dealers Aviors with a Nagra Jazz tube pre and a Nagra Classic (ss) amp. Absolutely fantastic. Transparent cabling.

My Rockport Altairs sing with my Robert Koda K10 and Ayre MXR's. Again Transparent cabling.

Not sure what cabling you're using...but this maybe be a key ingredient with your Rockports...

another + vote for the ARC Ref5 SE. Make certain that you are using Transparent cables and Power Cords!

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
You guys are breathing air at a higher altitude than me, but what is the problem with the D'Agostino Pre, apart from price of course?

I have heard the D'Agostino amps on a number of occasions and the best demo I have ever heard was his Pre and Monoblocks with Wilson Alexia speakers and I am not a Wilson fan. People were looking at each other, wide eyed with awed astonishment. I am sure better systems exist, but I haven't heard them and I have heard more expensive ones with Magico speakers and Dartzeel amps, for example, I really did'nt like.
For my part I feel compelled to go with the herd on this one David, having demo'd various combinations of full on D'Agostino to mixed Pre and Power, my personal preference settled on ARC Pre into D'Ago Momentum Power.
@David12, Dartzeel make lovely amps, though they're not the best match with Magico. Vitus and Soulution in ss, Tenor in hybrid amps & CJ Gat/Art and Absolare in tubes are best match imho ;)
I use Coincident Statement pre with my Momentum Stereo amp, all copper cabling and the sound is fantastic through my Tannoy!
I use a Krell two box Phantom preamp with my Momentum amp with incredible results. I would think the one box version(222) would excel as well. I was actually guided to my unit by a top Agostino employee when I inquired as to what Krell preamp of recent past was really special. The Phantom has looks, ergonomics and superb sound. FWIW the dealer I bought it from suggested that the ARC Ref 5 wasn't in the same class and he's an ARC dealer. FWIW.

With D'agostino Momentum i suggest VAC Signature MK lla or Master linestage or even Statement Line Stage if budget is not a problem for you.

I'd certainly consider VTL linestages as well.  

I've compared several of the ARC Ref's to the VTL 7.5 II and III and preferred the VTL's.  The comparison was done on a friends system using Rockport Altair's - fantastic speakers by the way.
Might also want to check the Ypsilon PST-100 MKll.