Neat Momentum SX5i or Rega RX5

My Tube Amp: Line Magnetic 211ia EL34 integrated Tube Amp
I am considering the following two speakers...Any advice or feedback is greatly appreciated:
Neat Momentum SX5i for $6,300
Rega RX5 for $3,000
These were both recommendations from Whetstone Audio in Austin Tx. I want to get a second opinion.
If you feel like I should consider another speaker for this particular tube amp please speak up. I am open to suggestions.
Thank you for your help.

Rega makes turntables...Go with the Neat’s. Also, I will say any speaker you can audition in person is a big plus. If it sounds good, it is good, feel the force J :-)

Matt M

Thank you for your response Matt.
I can't seem to find a lot of press on the Neat speakers but I will go listen to them like you suggested.
While you are at Whetstone, take a listen to the DeVore Gibbon 88's.  They work extremely well with your 211ia, and are fantastic speakers.

And FYI, the Rega RX5's are actually quite nice at their price point.
Definitely listen and give the Regas a chance
I'm a huge fan of Neat speakers and definitely worth at least an audition. If price difference is an issue, you can look at the Motive SX1 which sound fantastic, as well. 
I have the RS3's which are the previous model and a size down from the RX5's.  I have often thought of upgrading to the 5's but I can say the Rega speakers are very nice. I bought them new after owning the RS1 and I was not disappointed. They are so light, they only weigh a few pounds for a small floorstander, but I sold my B&W 684's, NHT 2.5i, and packed away my old Thiel CS1.2 and they Rega's are still there. They are so light because there is not much to them due to the "resonant-free" cabinet design, but they sound very natural and non-fatiguing. They sound good with Tube or Solid-State, and they have excellent resolution. I don't know anything about the Neat and I'm sure they are very fine speakers, but I would not write the Rega's off without hearing them.
I recently got a pair of  Rega RX1's and I am very impressed! They are my first Rega speakers and they are competitive with any speakers I have heard around their $1295. list price. If you get a chance give them a listen and I think you will be very surprised. They are very nice looking as well.
Do you have audition the Neat Momentum SX5i with the Line magnetic lm211ia ?  i have the same amp and i am interested to you opinion . 
I use Spendor S3/5 with my LM 211IA, and the sound is very nice in my modest sized room (I have a set of Quad 11L Classics which also work well).  I suspect that larger Spendor models would be compatible, and worth a listen if it can be arranged.
I still haven't pulled the trigger.
The owner here at Whetstone (Austin) is suggesting the three below.
any feedback from the group is much appreciated.

Harbeth HL5+

DeVore Fidelity 0/93

Neat Momentum SX5i
Like a couple of posters above, I would go for the Neat, although they are extremely detailed and can be viewed as a little on the "clinical" side.

However, matching them with the right speaker cables will pay huge dividends in SQ ans smoothness.

Harbeth seems to have a huge following, but I have never heard a pair so I cannot comment.

I know even less about the DeVore's - again no comment.

I'm a great believer in trusting my ears, so if the dealer will let you bring in your amp and speaker cables in order to audition all of the speakers mentioned i would go that route.

Hope that helps - Steve
Just went in to auditing them and the DeVore 96 was the best but $12k for the pair. I can't decide. The Neat sounded great but I agree with the clinical sound to some extent.
i haven't pulled the trigger yet
stu were you able to take your amp in for the audition? Never heard Neats but I've heard good things they may not sound clinical with tubes. I've heard the DeVore96 and agreed great speaker if you can afford it and have the room. Can you audition any of the smaller Devores  there?
Yes. He had my tube amp there. It sounded great but DeVore 96 sounded the best by far. Truth be told, my wife said the DeVore is out because it's "ugly" she thinks the Neats are much better looking. 
Unfortuately she does get a say in my decision ;) for $10k I just wonder if I can find something better than the Neat that also is visually appealing to the wife

Other speakers you might consider...
- Gershman Acoustics (Toronto, Canada)
- Pro Ac
- Kudos
- Tannoy

I have a pair Gershman Acoustic Sonogram speakers and they are the last pair of speakers i will own. My listening space is 15.5 x 24 ft with another 16 ft of other space behind for a total of 40 ft.

They fill that void with ease and produce an image that envelopes the listener.

They are as detailed and dynamic as the Neat, but without the clinical aspect.

Another model I like is the GA-P - stunning to look at and performs a little better than the Sonograms, but not worth the extra $$$ for me to make the jump.

I've also tried theri Avante Garde - but they sounded no better than the Sonograms.

I think the Pro-Ac and Kudos are both excellent value. The Kudos are better for the smaller listening space and produce an amazing amount of bass for their size.

Pro-Ac are very natural sounding, but like the Sonograms they are very plain to look at.- a big box

Lastly the Tannoy line are something quite different - I'm not one to recommend a speaker that does one thing well, but in Tannoy's case they are the exception.

If you listen to a lot of Jazz Vocal - specifically female vocal, then you'll probably fall for the larger Tannoy models. Any of Prestige line will impress and as a (Tannoy Dealer) Friend says - "They are generally the last speaker people buy from us". The term "In The Room" is frequently used by people listening to these speakers for the first time.

Diana Krall has never sounded so good :-)

The do produce other genres of music very well also, but they excel at vocals and they are extremely easy to drive.

I've listened to several models in his store and in every space from 12 ftt deep to 30ft deep these speakers sound amazing. The just seem to melt away the walls.

I even listened to them at his hi-fi show auditioning suite that was some 25 ft square with just a sofa and the system and everyone (includuing me) that went in there were very impressed. 

There are some other more modern looking speakers in the lineup, but for me the Prestige are the best bang for the buck - especially if you can find them on the resale market - but they appear infrequently and when they do they are are not there for long. 

Perhaps the only little "detail" with most of the tannoy line that uses the concentric driver - their image is best when they are toe'd in such that their centre line crosses just in front of the listener.

BTW - I have Tannoy Mercury speakers for my AV system

That's about it - hope it helps

Wow. Thanks. I'll have to look these speakers up. I've never heard of them but I'm very new to this hobby/passion.
where is the best place to buy these being that I'm in Austin tx?

Don't think Gershman have a dealer in Texas - but email them and see where the nearest dealer is

Here are some results of a google - austin, texas "speaker brand"

Pro Ac


Kudos, Neat, Rega

Some high end stores

Hope they help