Neat Momentum SX5i or Rega RX5

My Tube Amp: Line Magnetic 211ia EL34 integrated Tube Amp
I am considering the following two speakers...Any advice or feedback is greatly appreciated:
Neat Momentum SX5i for $6,300
Rega RX5 for $3,000
These were both recommendations from Whetstone Audio in Austin Tx. I want to get a second opinion.
If you feel like I should consider another speaker for this particular tube amp please speak up. I am open to suggestions.
Thank you for your help.

Rega makes turntables...Go with the Neat’s. Also, I will say any speaker you can audition in person is a big plus. If it sounds good, it is good, feel the force J :-)

Matt M

Thank you for your response Matt.
I can't seem to find a lot of press on the Neat speakers but I will go listen to them like you suggested.
While you are at Whetstone, take a listen to the DeVore Gibbon 88's.  They work extremely well with your 211ia, and are fantastic speakers.

And FYI, the Rega RX5's are actually quite nice at their price point.
Definitely listen and give the Regas a chance
I'm a huge fan of Neat speakers and definitely worth at least an audition. If price difference is an issue, you can look at the Motive SX1 which sound fantastic, as well. 
I have the RS3's which are the previous model and a size down from the RX5's.  I have often thought of upgrading to the 5's but I can say the Rega speakers are very nice. I bought them new after owning the RS1 and I was not disappointed. They are so light, they only weigh a few pounds for a small floorstander, but I sold my B&W 684's, NHT 2.5i, and packed away my old Thiel CS1.2 and they Rega's are still there. They are so light because there is not much to them due to the "resonant-free" cabinet design, but they sound very natural and non-fatiguing. They sound good with Tube or Solid-State, and they have excellent resolution. I don't know anything about the Neat and I'm sure they are very fine speakers, but I would not write the Rega's off without hearing them.
I recently got a pair of  Rega RX1's and I am very impressed! They are my first Rega speakers and they are competitive with any speakers I have heard around their $1295. list price. If you get a chance give them a listen and I think you will be very surprised. They are very nice looking as well.
Do you have audition the Neat Momentum SX5i with the Line magnetic lm211ia ?  i have the same amp and i am interested to you opinion . 
I use Spendor S3/5 with my LM 211IA, and the sound is very nice in my modest sized room (I have a set of Quad 11L Classics which also work well).  I suspect that larger Spendor models would be compatible, and worth a listen if it can be arranged.
I still haven't pulled the trigger.
The owner here at Whetstone (Austin) is suggesting the three below.
any feedback from the group is much appreciated.

Harbeth HL5+

DeVore Fidelity 0/93

Neat Momentum SX5i