Crimson Speaker Cables?

Bought a pair of balanced Crimson ICs about a month ago here on the 'gon out of curiosity. It turns out that I like them a lot.

Used, these are a real bargain but even new they are NOT in the mega-buck category.

Now I'm thinking of giving the speaker cables a shot.
Does anyone here use these? If so, would appreciate your thoughts and opinions, good or bad.
I use the all around in 2 rigs... It will sound like you bought new speakers, however new they take forever to break in. I was turned on to them by a old timer in audio who tried everything. So glad I took his advise.

I use the Crimson interconnects and speaker cables. They simply are the best cables I've had in my system. They replaced my Kimber Kable Selects and My Nordost Tyrs.
11-09-11: Ts0711
It will sound like you bought new speakers

Really? That must be one damn fine pair of cables.

It a bold statement, yes; but I was blown away when I added them to my Dynaudio Special 25's. They replaced Harmonic Tech Pro 9's, which weren't too shabby. The difference was night and day, far more dynamic, with amazing prat and sound stage. They really are worth several times there price.
IMO: These ICs perform way above their cost. As I said earlier, I'm very happy with the the ICs.

Now I'm seriously considering the speaker cables. One thing though, I don't want bananas which they show on their site.
Does anyone know if they are available with spades? Also, how about bi-wire?
I originally had my speaker cable run as a bi-wired configuration. IMO, the Crimsons are a ridiculously good cable at a price which is a fraction of many others (which don't sound as good).
Where can one purchase these?
I have one set of balanced IC's and a Bi-wired set (two separate cables) of the Crimson cables. They are awesome. Once these cables were in my system I could not take them out! Yes, the speaker cable can be configured with spades, as I have one with spades at one end so that they can fit on my integrated amp (only one post per speaker on the amp end). Bi-wire bested single wire enough for me to buy two sets of speaker cables. Expect the same performance boost from the speaker cables as the IC's. Contact Austin HIFI (in Austin TX) for a free in home trial. Creston and his son, also Creston, are two of the nicest and easiest guys you can ever expect to deal with. Creston SR. can explain the value of Bi-wire in your system. All the raves about these cables are true!
I have them. They are really open and detailed. They are very revealing so match them with high quality components. I use the powercables for my amp and the speaker cables. If you use more than that I think it's ultra revealing. Some of the best details I have ever heard on my sonus faber liutos.
How is it that someone posts on a thread that is 2 years old? I have always wondered about that.
Because you want to share information with true audiophiles so that they get the right match for their systems. This hobby is expensive and if I can keep someone from making a mistake I will post on a thread three years old if I have to.
If you need more detail these are perfect. If you have too much detail already they are not.
@ Sonic_genius, I love reading these threads!, once in a while I will get laughing out of my chair by some of the contexts, your last post made the grade!,, Cheers!
Just someone trying to stump a genius.
Sonic_genius and Audiolabyrinth,
Any reason why people should not post on old threads?
I believe people "happen" upon something good and are curious to find if someone else had the experience as they had. I don't find it odd or funny. Maybe I am missing something, if you care to explain.
I've read and posted on threads from ten years ago (or more) so this one is relatively new. :^)
BTW: Still using the Crimsons.
@ milpai & @ calvinj,, Oh no, the both of you got me wrong here, I post on old threads all the time!, I thought the way sonic_genius stated his context was funny to me!, Hey calvinj, It was nothing against you!, you know we talk alot to each other!, I laugh at some of the post on threads all the time!, Its a crazy world we live in!,, cheers fellas!
Still using them. If you have sonus faber or vienna acoustics these cable are a good match. Also martin Logan's or if you are using mcintosh tube gear these are great. They use clarus crimson at mcintosh headquarters. It's made for thier gear. The clarus crimson is good. I am not a fan of the clarus aqua line though.
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Sonic_genius and Audiolabyrinth,
Any reason why people should not post on old threads?
I believe people "happen" upon something good and are curious to find if someone else had the experience as they had. I don't find it odd or funny. Maybe I am missing something, if you care to explain."

I have no issue with old threads, actually I did not know that you could retrieve old threads beyond a certain date. Also to the OP, would any information be helpful after a couple of years?
I use Crimson Music Link ICs. They are phenomenal. I demo'd Crimson speaker cables for about a month. I ultimately thought Clear Day Double Shotguns were significantly better. Both have great dynamics and soundstage, and the treble and mid-range are equal. However, the Clear Days offer significantly better bass. The Clear Days are less expensive as well.
I use the clarus crimson speaker cables by tributaries. These cables have been out for two years. That's why I'm posting so people will know my impressions. They are using these at the mcintosh headquarters on their gear.
Isn't this thread about Crimson cables that are made in Europe. People keep bringing up Clarus Crimson speaker cables which have nothing to do with the European Crimson cables. Talk about a confusing topic.
Confusing is correct I am talking he American made clarus crimson.
Just to clarify, my initial post was about Crimson Audio Cables made by austinhifi, either ordered direct or through their dealer network. I think the wire used is from the UK.
Ok thanks for the info.
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You gut had my really laughing on this one, bumping a 2 year old thread for the wrong cable... ThatÂ’s great!

And yes I still use Crimson Music Link all around...
That's what I thought you were talking about till I saw the thread on Clarus Crimson. I believe the Crimson cables are made in England and distributed by Austin hi-fi.
Clarus crimson have been at all the recent audio shows. They are upper line of the tributaries brand. Very expensive and an extremely detailed cable.
The Clarus Crimson cables take a LONG time to burn in (20+ hours for the interconnects and 200+ hours for the speaker cables) and this may attribute to what some of these impressions are. See my reviews at
Thanks it will be going up against the high fidelity ct1s in a week or so
The clarus crimson line started in 2011. So if we don't say clarus crimson it does not apply to your cables.