Choosing a new phono cartridge

Hello my system is a mc275 mc28 vip turn table dynavetor  10/5 mb 6 scansonic speakers looking to up grade my cartridge any help would be nice I was looking at the kart 17d3 
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Ortofon 2M Black because it's amazing!
@scooter0005   Good idea to stick with a Dynavector.  VPI table owners have long been fans of Dynavector carts.  Indeed VPI  marketed their own cartridge years ago which was manufactured by Dynavector, based on their own designs.
I had a buddy who had a HELL of a time getting a Karat setup on a VPI arm. It's the odd one in the lineup with that super duper short diamond cantilever. He upgraded to an Ortofon Jubilee (now Cadenza Black); much easier!
Ortofon Quintet Black worked well in the Prime I had
No experience with VPI tables, but I recently purchased a MOFI Ultradeck along with a Hana SL cartridge. I replaced a modded SL1200 running a DL103 and cannot believe how fabulous it sounds. Biggest single leap up the audio food chain I've ever had. 
I'm on my second Dyna Karat D3. I own both HW-19 and Classic 3 Sig SE, it works very well. I'm currently running in on my Townshend Rock 7.....a dynamo of a cart!

I own several other cart as well. The Dyna is a keeper!
Scooter, ever considered having soundsmith replace the cantilever/stylus with something that will improve the resolution of the dynavector?

Their TOTL stylus is superb and a ruby or boron cantilever will improve the sound.

Their more advanced stylus shapes will extract far more detail from your vinyl.
Regards - Steve

I've been wondering what to do with my old Dyna that needs a re-tip? Worth a try at SS, or Axel?
Scooter just wanted to caution you a bit, the dyna carts that I have used are the least to favor each others sound signature (house sound) as you move up the line and the 17D3 is the one that sounds the least like the rest. It is a very good cart and does work well on the VPI uni pivot arms. Soundsmith will do a fabulous job rebuilding your 10X5 Dyna. Another cart that is in that price range is the Shelter 501 and it is marvelous.
I used my D3 on an ET 2.5 w/ carbon fiber armwand, VPI 3D arm, FunkFirm FXR ii with excellent results, w/ the tts mentioned above. An excellent performer.
@slaw - I'd never heard of Axel before, but it appears they provide similar services.

Soundsmith now has their own carts, as well as the repair side of the business.

I purchased a Denon 103 from Soundsmith that they had "tweaked" - it  has a ruby cantilever and Optimized contour contact line stylis.

I previously had a standard Denon DL 103 - the sound of the SS 103 is similar in "nature", but the details and dynamics now conveyed is comparable to much higher priced cartridge.

Worth every penny



Worth a try at SS, or Axel?

Axel (Germany) is retired, no more service. 

Try this:
This is what Raul called "Premium Retipper" :)) 

Or Expert Stylus as Nandric said, easily to email them, they are very quick in response:  [email protected]
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Thanks for that info!
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Thank you as well!
@slaw - one last comment - stylus types "finer" than elliptical (e.g. shibata and contact line) require very precise setup.

Paper type protractors will not provide the required precision - mirrored protractors like the Mint Best protractor should be used.

Also if you go with a Soundsmith re-tip be sure to follow their alignment instructions - they opt to align the cantilever. Soundsmith arevery responsive to

Once setup correctly they provide exceptional imaging and excel in the reproduction of fine details.

The precise setup of finer stylus type may seem a little off-putting at first, but I have not regretted getting my SS re-tipped 103 with the Optimized Contour Contact Line stylus - the sound is superb and the resolution has increased significantly.

Good luck - Steve :-)