CD Player for my Jolida 707a

I'm ready to upgrade my run of the mill CD player for a much better one. I own a Jolida 707a. My price point is $750 and under. I'm willing to buy new or used. Was thinking Jolida JD 100a or maybe Rega Apollo but open to ANY ideas.
Be smart. Try the JD 100A at a good price to match your 707a. That should match up nicely (synergy and all). If you don't like it, JD 100A's are moving easily in the classifieds and you'll have no trouble selling it at little to no loss. Then you can try the Apollo which is also an easy sale as well if you don't like it. Or buy them both and do a shoot out and keep the one you prefer.
FWIW, I did a shootout of the JD 100A vs. the Rega Apollo and the JD 100A won hands down.
I like the Jolida idea. There are also a trio of good players available new in your price range - Cambridge Audio Azur 650C, Creek Evolution and Music Hall CD25.2. These all come ridiculously close to where high end was only a few years ago, and I think can hold their own with the Rega Apollo and Jolida, with much better physical build than the former. There is a player just outside your range new that you might also want to check out as well - NAD C-565BEE reviewed by Sam Tellig in the latest issue of Stereophile.
Count me as another who recommends the Jolida JD100A.
I had the 100a and it is just average, bold and warm because of tubes, but lacking detail because of an average DAC. The Cambridge cdps are very detailed and would compliment tube amplification better.
I would also recommend the Jolida 100A. Not only will it match up with another Jolida, but with the option of Tube Rolling you can fine tune the sound to your taste. I own one & it sounded better than other players I have tried in that price range with more flexibilty as a bonus.
In 2005 I auditioned the Jolida 100, Rega Planet 2K, Cary CD308, and Cary 308T. The Cary (non T) won hands down and I bought a used one for $750. I think the newer Cambridge's may better w/ better DACs and technology.