Blue Note CD player s

Is anyone familiar with the Blue Note Stibbert CDP? There should be some thread but I could not find it. By the way, they started to make CDPs with vacuum tube output.

Any opinions will be appreciated.
Hello I have the Blue Note with the latest upgrades .
All reviews including the one in the Absolute sounds Dec issue was based on the early october review sample .Harry Pearson liked the new dual power supply upgrades, also ,
the latest Burr Brown dac, and quiet digital display.
The issue about balanced and single ended is no more a issue, with the New Stibbert Tube mk-2 ,as both are in Parallel.
in being the same. For that, in the Jan TAS it receives a Golden Ear award!
I am very familiar with them. I used to sell them until I got burned by the importer. He was selling me used gear as new and when we had problems, didn't want to hear anything.

As far as Blunote themselves, they really couldnt care either. However, as the most important thing, the sound, the CD player was excellent! Similar to the Opus 21, but not quite there.
You should find some info at AA in digital.Just type in Bluenote.
The Blue note Audio player ,especially since the last oct,
upgrades make this player a exceptional; unit on all accounts ,the unit I am talking about is the tube version, using a quality power cord ,and good vintage tubes makes a noticable improvement.This unit is easilly better than the
opus 21, myself and 4 of us from a audio get together, did a comparison with our
gear.the upgraded opus is probably close .Fat cat audio ,has a agenda, and sells opus, we don't ,
therefore this is a collective observation. even if you have 10k to spend this unit is a must hear!
Aaudiophile (Paul)-

Not sure why you are trying to slam me in this forum, or why you emailed me off-line to try and convince me the Stibbert is a better player. To my ears, it is not, no contest. As for the modded Opus, it is night and day. You may want to actually hear units before passing judgment on them.

Keep in mind I sold both the Stibbert and Opus at the same time so no agenda here, just honest opinions. Enjoy your Stibbert that you just purchased, and I do urge you to try a modded Opus 21 - get ready to place that Stibbert for sale here!
Just one question Fatcat,Do you still sell Bluenote as your second post is a tad contradictory to your first.Regards,Bob