Anyone heard/own Xindak SCD-2 Tube SACD/CD player?

Any Thoughts,Especially CD playback.Can't find any info/reviews on the Xindak.I'm considering this or a Sony XA777-ES.Thanks,JD
For outstanding CD playback you should look at the Consonance Reference Series 2.2 remote tube player by Opera Audio. The Consonance 2.2 and the soon to be available tube multi-channel CD/SACD received great feedback and caused much excitement at the recent Consumer Electronics Show. Stereo Quest Magazine compared and picked the Consonance.It uses a 24/192 converter, a specially designed power supply and a remote volume control for running directly to an amp. Looks as good as it sounds. Pictures at
I just ordered a Xindak SCD-2 after much serious consideration. As you probably are aware there is not much out there to go on!
I read everything i could on the web, wrote to dealers requesting opinions and comparisons and finally went ahead with my order. It was shipped to me on the 14/04/03 and so i expect it to be with me sometime next week.
This is basically a tweaked Sony machine and i can't wait to get it up and running!!
If you want to write to me about it i will give you my honest opinions.
I will be using it for headphone listening only, and will be using my Grado RS-1's with the Grado RA-1 headphone amp with also the Grado Signature 1M interconnects.
Please email me with any queries that you may have.