Best DVD Player for Under $500

I am looking to upgrade my current CD/DVD player. I have up to $500 to spend and am amenable to buying used equipment. Any recommendations? (I do not need SACD or DVD-A capabilities.)

Thank you.
Consider the Caimbridge Audio Azur 540D. I sounds very good on standard CD, also does DVD-A and can play both PAL and NTSC DVD formats and so opens up the possibility of internet purchases of European DVDs unavailable in the US. The picture quality is excellent.

Although I bought mine locally, they are availaben online at:
I briefly owned an Azur 540D, and it had very serious audio sync problems. It also would spin the DVD constantly when not playing. Since I leave a player on with media loaded, this was not something I thought would lead to long transport life. I was bummed, it seemed like the perfect choice at the time.

I ended up with a Pioneer Elite DVD changer for less money, nice performance, and no quality or reliability issues.

The Azur seems quite plainly to have been rushed to market. Audio Advisor notified me when I ordered mine that they were deeply delayed due to the manufacturer working through quality issues before shipping new units. Mine was assured by Audio Advisor to be from the new and corrected production run, and as it did not ship until months after my initial order, it was probably one of the newer units. I returned it, given the audio sync issues.

There was discussion about the quality issues of this player at the time on Audio Asylum. Having owned in the past a (brand-new) faulty Cambridge CD player, and a working but uninspiring integrated from them, I consider myself snakebitten, and will not buy the brand again. Azur owners with good players have had better luck than I - the product had promise, but again, their execution on this player matches my previous experiences with Cambridge Audio, so I view the brand with greater caution than any other brand I've ever owned. Just my personal experience. Good luck!
Used, the Sony DVP9000es is a no brainer at around this price point. You can also find the Sony 999es at this price. The 9000 throws in excellent SACD as a bonus. The 999 has oustanding picture quality.

The 999es also has SACD.
Good Listening!
Oppo 791 has the best video for under $200.
I know where you can buy a Denon DVD2900 new for 550.00, it has received nuberous positive reveiws and acclaim from the AV mags. And does SACD/DVD-A etc.
e-mail me if your interested. It as dealer freind of mine.