CARY SACD Pro CD skipping Issues

Hi everyone I am curious of anyone having Issues with there Cary Audio SACD 303T Pro Player skipping with CD’s and SACD’s. If so what was wrong with it and what did you have to change out?

keep me posted on this matter, as I would like to possibly buy, a Cary SACD spinner.
Either the 303 or 306.
Do some research on what transport mechanism/laser system is used in your machine. Find out where to purchase one, open your player up, and replace the transport. It's not much of a job, really, I've serviced McIntosh, Marantz, and Esoteric transports, all sucessfully, and I am certainly no technician.

If you have any skills as a mechanic, or are good at DIY in general, it's something that's fairly easy. and will save some cash. (Alwaya a good thing in my corner).

Best of luck keep us posted.

Try cleaning the laser(s).

where are you on this issue?
Pop the lid and get your leaf blower out.
I have cleaned the whole cd player with an air hose. But i cannot access the transport laser without the whole transport assembly coming apart. and from what I've heard if you mess with the alinement. Is like trying to shine a laser on a spacific spot of the moon.haha and there was a bunch of dust bunnys in it for sure.
An the issue is I hear the motor revving up and out. Also the cd timer clock still runs but it just mutes in and out.

I talked to cary to fix it they do have a reaper person in ontario Canada. but still no word on pricing?

Your Cary's skipping problem is most likely being caused by the laser sled ... which is trying to read the spinning disc ...  running into a spot of dried up factory lubricant on the laser rails that the laser assembly is traveling on  

The factory lubricant will dry up and harden  in spots on the laser guide rails  ... when the laser sled traveling down the rails hits one of these spots it stalls momentarily due to the resistance of the dried up lubricant stalling or slowing the laser's travel... at this point the laser looses lock with the data on the spinning disc and starts to skip as it can't read the data stream off the disc correctly  

Eventually the laser sled will drive through the dried up lubricant spot and regain lock with the disc's flags and continue to play until it hits another spot of dried up lubricant 

If you can access the rails just clean them of the dried up lubricant and re-lube and the laser should stop stalling and losing lock with the disc  

Very common problem with a fairly easy fix  

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Keep me posted jakecanada.
Call Cary (after 1pm EST) & speak to the tech help folks there about what it could be.  I installed a new laser transport they shipped me in my 303/300 w/their excellent help.  The player wasn't reading discs.  Good luck.
Had the 306 sacd, same issue.  Went to Cary, replaced the laser and something else I forget... Cost was $500.
TY- joey_v