Cary Preamp SLP-94L

My 25 year old Cary tubed Pre-Amp SLP-94L is "dying".  I am looking seriously to buy a new PREAMP [but NOT CARY]  and was checking out the ROGUE AUDIO Hybid Tube preamp with the MM/MC Phono Stage.  Specs look good and the styling is very attractive and simple to operate.  BUT, I do not know this brand at all.  Does anyone have any opibnions or say on this?  I appreciate all the input I can get.  Thanks, Richard
Try a Schiit Freya + as it has far more flexibility than any Rogue or really any other preamp (no phono input, but at the price Schiit sells 'em for that can be forgiven), and it's a bargain. Too inexpensive for the snob driven area of the audiophile market, but so what.
I have a Rouge Metis and have been been very happy. It’s three years old and never had a problem. Tube rolling is easy. Also made in the USA. 
Good morning to you 3 folks who responded to my inquiry. Thanks for your input. I have taken note of your comments. 
To "3-easy-payments":  After college and paying some of my way by building DYNACO kits, I bought a Cary SLA-70B amp together with the SLP-94L Pre-Amp about 25 years ago.  . I was looking for smooth, warm sound, with a tight bass response which was achieved for many years. The SLP-94L is now dead and I want to replace it with something similar to what I had. Right now I have the Cary Amp SLA-70B connected to an "old" pre-amp PAT-5 from Dynaco that works quite well, but is OLD and does not have the warmth and silky sound I am accustomed to.
Money is not an issue here. Notwithstanding, I don't want to pay for a "Lexus" if I don't have to, but don't want to get a "Hyundai" simply because it is inexpensive. I'm looking to pair the new pre-amp with my existing SLA-70B.  The Rogue Audio RP-1 looks real good also.  Opinions please!
Audio Research Ref 5SE. The gold standard for the last decade (until the Ref 6 arrived).
Thank you dweller. Believe it or not, I could not find any info at Audio Research for the REF 5SE and I didn't care much for the REF 6. I don't care for the looks or the front of this pre-amp. It may be a fabulous product, but it does not impress me.  Sorry!
I'd avoid ARC like monkey plague. I much prefer Cary.\

Why not recap your SLP-94L?

jburidan: By "recap" you mean replace the capacitors and filters?  It's not expensive, but is it worth it? Like this pre-amp is 25 years old. I can get a brand new pre-amp like the Rogue Audio RP-1 for +/-$1800 which is very similar to the old Dynaco PAT5 and has same specs as my Cary SLP-94L and it would be all new. Cary claims they can send me the replacements parts valued total around $250.00 + shipping. Is it worth it?  Please let me hear from you so I can make a better judgement call.
Hi richfrank:
When you said your preamp is dying, I assumed you meant the caps and resistors are aged. You can get it sounding as good as new or better than new by recapping. Another alternative is this preamp designed and hand-made by Dennis Had himself: