Carlos Santana - designer of women’s shoes?

Apparently, Carlos Sanatana has designed a new line of women's shoes. O.K., I’ll admit he’s created a couple of stylish little numbers (especially the 5-inch stilettos in red), but, Carlos – what have you been keeping from us all these years? Not that there’s anything wrong with that (Seinfeld, 1993). Here’s an intro from a website:

Carlos by Carlos Santana footwear is inspired by a passion for music. Carlos by Carlos Santana shoes combine style and comfort to make a truly distinctive line of women's shoes. A portion of all Carlos by Carlos Santana sales is donated to the Milagro Foundation to continue its charitable work for children. Experience Carlos by Carlos Santana Shoes, Pumps, High Heels, and Boots at

Sorry if this post is misplaced – I couldn’t find the “footwear” forum here on Audiogon:-)
I read that he was in collaboration with Jose Feliciano to do a tricked out high-heeled sneaker as well ;^)
Santana's company has been making shoes for years. They actually are very hot. Bought my galpal a pair 3-incher's. There's just something magical about the relationship between a nice set of heels and a gal's butt!;)
Understanding the magic of this relationship is quite easy if you get a little imaginative.
As for Santana, well, maybe he could try to concentrate on music as he did many years ago. But that's up to him.
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"I'm not surprised, he always played with sole

very funny

I had a chance to check out his club, at Mandalay Bay Vegas, that he will be playing at for the next couple of years.

He can still strum the guitar.