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Sound Quality...iPad vs iTouch
I guess the only advantage of the iTouch is the portability. I have one itouch, but havent compared vs iPad. 
2011 Mac Mini - Is SSD worth it?
This thread is a good reference, 
A website that has audible sample tracks?
You can also try cduniverse dot com. They have a nice selection of cd's. Track previews are available as well. 
My kind of morning audio habit
well thats what i call good music..instead today's artists. 
how to fix the power transformer of CAL Tempest II
I know a guy on the Diy audio forums who owns a service manual. You can ask there if you have good skills. 
Linn Ikemi vs. Naim CDX2
The CDX1 is a close match to the Ikemi. I guess the CDx2 is by far a better unit. 
DAC for 300-400 $
Have you considered buying an amp/dac combo? the HA-160DS is pretty good headamp and it comes with Dac. Just a suggestion. 
New way of dealing with Low Ballers?
Sometimes lowballers are resellers. Just ignore them and be patient until you find a more serious person. 
where to start
@Edorr: You need to know how to deal with macs :P 
Female Jazz person/new releases...
Anyone knows about Marlene Mortensen? i've heard good things about her. 
Listing of Opamps for EE Minimax DAC Plus
@Morningstaraudio, you're right the DIP versions do not fit with the lid on. However, the flylead version fits but you need to bend the legs. I think the sound difference is worth it :) 
Mod my Oppo 95 or buy a DAC?
Modwright comes to mind. 
Hi Res ripping software for Mac ?
Not a mac user but i've heard NMP3 Ripper is good. 
Best Ethernet player
This one caught my attention. available only on europe tho. 
Heed Obelisk Si
Heard it on a hifi shop (without the upgraded power supply) it has a well balanced presentation, grainless, smooth and detailed.