Brinkmann TT with an SME arm - any experiences?

I'm looking into purchasing one of Brinkmann's direct-drive TTs (Bardo or Oasis).
I was thinking of matching it with an SME V arm, as I have a cartridge that works perfectly with the V.
I've noticed that it is common to use Brinkmann TTs with their matching tonearms, does anyone have experience with an SME arm on a Brinkmann TT? Will it be a good match?

Possibly, but you really should give the turntable a listen with Brinkman's tonearm. It is a very good system.
You can use any Arm you want, there is no matching with a Tonarm necessary :-)
Syntax is right, of course. Still, there are combinations to be tried to find a flavor you like. If it wasn't so, everything would sound the same, right? :)
The Oasis is a pretty neutral platform so you can with go your taste in arms. I'm using a Tri-planar right now and it sounds just like a Tri-planar. When my upgraded Phantom returns from Graham, I'll try that; another Oasis user I've talked to really likes the combo. The same user also had a Bardo and found the Oasis to be a little richer-sounding, FWIW.
If you have a cartridge that works "perfectly" with an SME V, then by all means use an SME V. The tonearm/cartridge match is far more critical than the tonearm/turntable match.
I have the Bardo matched with and SME 4.5. Superb results. I called a while ago and spoke to Helmut and they actually custom cut the arm board to match the SME 4.5 I have.
The only issue with the Bardo and SME, is that the range for sliding the arm back and forth is limited because there is not enough clearance for the right angled output. Therefore it is possible that some cartridges will not align.
The V is slightly more neutral in the treble but the 10.5 is much faster sounding and more dynamic with much better bass. Overall its a big step up over the V
I purchased a Brinkmann Bardo direct-drive turntable and was hoping to get an SME tonearm with it. However, my local dealer suggested I get the Origin Live Encounter MK3c tonearm instead, which is what I ended up with.

BTW, I'm using the EMT TSD15 SFL cart with this combo.

Very nice package, indeed!
Congrats! Trade up to the brinkmann arm when you can. Its better than both the SME V and the OL encounter although its quite a bit more expensive

Is that the same emt the brinkmann emt is based on from memory?
December 14, 2013 - Brinkmann Audio of Germany announces the launch of Brinkmann USA as its direct-to-dealer sales arm in the United States.
Let's see what this brings to the table.

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And yes I use a Bardo / 10.5 / EMT-Ti combo myself.

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