Review: Brinkmann Mono Amplifier

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I've owned the Brinkmann monoblocks for two years. These pieces of industrial art are a must-have for whoever's looking for balance, neutrality and Magic with a capital M. Neither tube nor solid-state sounding, neither warm nor cold, they'll just give you the best of your source. Extremely fast, extremely respectful of the harmonic structure and the pace of music, they'll bring the magic of live performance to your place. I'm still amazed, after all this time, by their ability to whisper and to scream, to caress and to slap.
The flip side of the medal is that they are quite unforgiving, and will not soften bad recordings. Though on the opposite side of analytical, they are not overly lush and liquid either. Once more, we're back to the word: balance. Transparency is up there with the best, though not in an assertive way. No need to analyze them in terms of bass, treble, midrange, everything is beautiful.
Weaknesses? I don't know. Everything can be improved, I suppose, one day or another. But I've never heard anything, at ANY price, that made me want to change. If cost was no object, I would really and sincerely keep them, and buy the best CD player ever. You'll buy them for life. This is a true craftman's instrument for true music lovers.
I owned the Brinkmann integrated prior to the Monos. The Integrated retains the qualities of the Monos, within its price range of course, meaning you're trading off a little of everything. Still, it's one of the best integrated out there.
Brinkmann has reached some kind of "cult" status here in Europe, and that's no wonder. Listening to those babes in the silence of a winter night is something you'll never forget. I also claim loudly that, though costing 8500 $, they can compete with ANY OTHER amplifier whatever its price. The only thing it won't do is drive speakers that need 1000W.

Associated gear
Brinkmman Avance turntable, Brinkmann preamp, Brinkmann Veto speakers, CorFac2 power conditionner, cables and stand.

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I agree with every word of JB Cortes.Nothing would make me change my Brinkmanns, although I could afford much more. I have the pre and power conditioner through French JM Reynauds. The only reasonable upgrade is a better cd (or TT if space allowed).