bmr philharmonic

I have been trying to get info to purchase a pair of new bmr philharmonic speakers, but I haven't received any response.  has anybody else had any dealings with this company.
Be careful of small easy to fail companies that provide no customer support
Especially if you have to make a significant deposit up front, then wait for them to build the speaker.

If they have it in stock and can ship it with a PayPal payment no problem.
I just looked at the website and see no physical address or telephone, so I would be a bit concerned to send money.
Philharmonicaudio has a very solid reputation, albeit a small company.  One of the few speaker companies whose products are destined to become classics after the Company is gone.  That means they have a following. Just like Ascend Acoustics.  IMO.
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The company is basically just Dennis Murphy. He sells his speakers for basically no mark up. I hope that he is okay. He designs some of the crossovers for Salk Sound and Salk builds some of his cabinets. He is a very generous person. 
I tried contacting them but received no response
I also sent a query about 3 weeks ago and heard nothing.Ended up with gently used Ryan R610's...
Get real speakers from a real company stay away from those guys!!
$1350 for this speaker.

If someone knows of higher quality drivers for the price, I’m all ears. 
One of my listening buddies has Philharmonic 3' s, they are a totally amazing full sounding speaker. Room rattling lows to clean crisp highs and everything in between. Price for quality one of the best.
That is an incredible design. Big RAAL, open planar midrange, and a transmission line for bass. An end game speaker for only $3500. 
Dennis is active on the AVS forum.
They look like Arum Cantus , if you don’t get response, this speakers are very musical.Roger is a dealer from California.I forgot his website name...
I would have liked to try them, but with no contact I went with a pair of paradigm prestige instead