Blue Jean/Belden LC 1

I  get an occasional hum from my turntable setup, a VPI Classic 2, hooked to a new Parasound JC3+,  then to a line stage on an older Yamaha integrated.  While turning the light dimmer switches off, or all the way up, reduces it, it did not eliminate it.  At least not all the time. I'd get rid of the dimmers, but we are also thinking of marketing the house in the spring, so for now, they stay. 

So, I tried a couple things: 

One, per Parasound's instructions, I switched the turntable interconnect ground from the back of the JC 3, to the back of the Yamaha integrated, just for grounding.   That further reduced hum.

Then, I ordered a Bluejeans/ LC 1 interconnect, to replace an older Cardas set that I got on a blowout from Audio Advisor maybe 8-10 years ago. The Cardas was not a crazy expensive set, maybe 60.00-80.00, my price, marked down from 150-200?  Thick, reddish insulation, but no braid visible on the outside.   Nonetheless, the  Cardas set sounded fine to me, I was just looking at eliminating the hum. 

So, I installed the LC1.  Listened to a few vocal heavy albums.  First, I could detect no hum whatsoever after switching cables.  The instrumentation sounded very distinct and the soundstage no better though no worse, but the vocals were off just a bit, to my ear.  I tended to think beyond a certain basic pricepoint, interconnects were interconnects, but to my ear, the LC 1 colored the vocals, or the Cardas rendered them a little more clearly. So I switched back. 

Couple thoughts:

One, the LC-1 cost less than the Cardas, any way about it.  Probably still a decent cable for the money. 
I might try it on my work system. Or give it to my youngest if she gets a turntable.

Two, the LC 1 does seem to knock out the hum. But to my ear, it kind of colors the vocals or muddies them up slightly in a way I don't appreciate.

Three, the LC 1 did not seem to have a directional indicator for the signal, where the Cardas definitely does. 
Not sure if that is a lot of hoo-ha, but if the manufacturer indicates a signal path, I go with it.

Four,  I know the topic of cable burn in is, uh, polarizing. On one hand, I'd think conductivity and a solid connection is all you need.  On the other hand, other components supposedly have burn in periods, albeit more complicated components.

Anyone else have similar experience with LC 1 or other shielded cables? 

The BJ IC's have good shielding. Give the LC-1 some break-in time, not on the phono but connect it to a line source and play music for a day. 
The BJ cable should not colour the sound, it's a neutral sonic signature. It's extended at the top-end, IME the highs are a bit unrefined but it's a quality neutral cable. Long runs of Belden are used in pro audio.

Direction: you should be able to read the printing on the BJ cable jacket. Plug in from source to destination.
Muddy is a good word to describe the "sound" of Blue Jeans Cables.  They're fine if your equipment isn't very revealing, but if it is...  And mind you, I am not a "cable guy" that hears all kinds of dramatic differences from one cable to the next, but I definitely have heard a detrimental effect from both their speaker cables and interconnects.

I can't speak about their speaker or full range interconnect cables, but their Sub Woofer Cables are Excellent!
Blue Jeans Cables (BJC) assembles cables sourced from both Belden and Canare.  I don't know if any of the big name cable companies actually manufacture their own raw cable wire, versus just assemble cables sourced from other raw cable manufacturers.  

In my system, the Belden speaker wire was in fact muddy sounding compared to the BJC Canare speaker wire.  I like the Canare, especially at their very reasonable price point.  Currently satisfied using an old pair of Goertz Alpha Core speaker wires (with Zobel Network whether needed or not).

Cardas makes it's own wire with it's own copper foundery ,
somewhere in New England .
I just got a 18' pair of BJ Canare 4S11 Speaker Cable. I like them a lot. They seem more articulate and have better sound stage than my old cables. They are supposed to need 400 hours to break in and smooth out. I am very happy with them so far.
They are not muddy sounding at all. My system is plenty revealing and resolving. 
Of course having Widex hearing aids helps a lot also.

The specific BJC cable I had that I didn't like was the Belden 5T00UP 10 gauge Speaker Cable.  Maybe the Canare sounds better.  I do have some LC-1 interconnects and they do less harm than the speaker cables but do seem to hold back the sound to some degree.  I've also used their subwoofer and coaxial cables and have no complaints about either of those.
I find Canare cables to present excellent SQ. I installed Canare 4S11 speaker cables temporarily while I sold my Purist Audio and after the break-in period I found no reason to replace them.

@hifijunky . I want hearing aids now for high frequency. Sounds like you're happy with Widex. Please advise model and any comments. I'm 70 and think this will be good. Thanks.

It's like I upgraded my speakers. I was missing so much upper midrange and high frequency info. My hearing was down 75 db left ear at 8khz and 60 db right ear at 8khz. The Widex Moment 440 go to 9.2Khz. They are expensive and you need an audiologist to set them up. I am 71. My speakers are 2-way and have soft dome tweeters. Here are online reviews:

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I'd agree on the value for the price.  The LC 1s were $35 + shipping. I'm  keeping them around. But for now, the Cardas are back in rotation between the phono preamp and the amp line stage.  I may plug the LC1s in at work and let them burn in or get broken in for a while, see if that makes a difference. 

The issue I had was that vocals sounded just slightly off.  My wife and grown children noticed no difference, said it sounded great. But with all due respect to them, they aren't really doing A/B comparisons and they don't listen to these albums as often as I do. 
Other than being made well the BJs don’t and can’t compare to higher end cables, sound wise. As for being excellent for the price, what does that even mean. Not much. It doesn’t change what I said.
Happy with by blue jeans cable rca’s. 
   Reduced tweeter static/am radio noise.  
 The wife even likes them, as I ordered the Kelly green ones, she likes green. Problem solved and approved purchase. 
 Basic good shielded rcas’.