What Does Belden Sound Like

Looking for some quality ICs that don't break the bank and have seen the Belden name thrown about on various forums, usually touting as a great "price-to-performance" ratio. Does Belden have a particular sound or emphasize any part of the frequency spectrum? Curious to see how it stacks up against other audiophile brands in similar price ranges from the likes of Audioquest, Monster, etc.

Also, is the 1505A the best they make for analog audio ICs?
The Belden 1500 series speaker cable sold by Blue Jeans is clear, clean and balanced in my system. It is 10ga so it can easily be used in long runs. I found it much better than the Canare 4s11 cable BJ also sells. It ain't much to look at but I can't fault its sound. Hey, it is cheap, so just try some yourself. FWIW, I also preferred it in my present system to some Cardas cable I had venerated for years - it cost a lot so I had no choice! :-)
Jon Risch, over at the Cable forum on Audio Asylum, has a long standing recipe using Belden 89259/89248 twisted pair. The 89259 cable is pretty decent itself - just add RCA's. But the twisted pair is worth the extra effort and definitely takes it up a notch.

There's a ton of info over at Audio Asylum, including this post with many links:


Good luck with your project.