Belden wire from Blue Jeans Cable?

Has anyone had experience with Belden wire from Blue Jeans Cable? How does it compare with other affordable speaker cable? Is it better than Acoustic Research, Monster etc.? How would you describe it's sonic characteristics if any? Thanks,
It doesn`t have any sonic characteristics. Good cables shouldn`t color the sound. To hear some, audio might be akin to cooking with the cables as the seasoning. Utter nonsense.
I don't believe any of their products has any particular sonic characteristics. I have bought many different cables from them and have been happy with all of them. I have had some rather long runs of video to TV and RCA pre-amp to amp and didn't want to spend thousands of dollars. I am not a complete nihilist about cables. I do believe there are subtle differences between cables, I just can't describe them in words. I just know what I like. Blue Jeans cables is a very service oriented company with integrity and great prices. I have saved my money for the source components and speakers, and for more LPs and CDs. If you don't like them, they will take them back. All you have lost is the shipping. I have purchased: component video 7787A (25 ft), sub LV-77S (30 ft), stereo RCA LC-1 (30 ft), Digital audio 1694A (6 ft). Good luck!
I totally agree with the posters above. These cables have no sonic signature.If you don't like the's more than likely a component in the chain. Cables make a difference but this stuff can get a little over board. The LC-1s,Belden 1505F and Belden 1694A the digital cables are great.
Thanks for your responses. I've never been a big believer in expensive cables. I presently am using basic Monster 14 gage. Recently tried 12 gage Home Depot extention cord and it softened (dulled) everything considerabley. So now I know they can make a difference. Would like to upgrade, but don't want to spend a fortune. Do you think the Belden would be an improvement over the Monster? Or would it be pretty much the same. Any other suggestions for reasonably priced cable would be welcomed as well. Thanks,
Try some magnet's solid core copper. Plenty of places on the net just google it. I'm not a fan of stranded wire used as speaker wire. Or you could make your own solid core silver speaker wires. Silver foil is another option. CAT5 telephone cables make for some good wires too.
A double run of Kimber 4 VS is very good if your spks. are bi-wireable. Another most excellent/affordable spk. cable is Linn K400. Musical. Goodwin's Audio can make a pr. for a very reasonable price. Highly recommnded.
In response to your question about whether Blue Jeans is better than Monster...I am sure Monster makes some better cable than I have heard, but I think the Blue Jeans is better than any of the regular Monster. I also like solid wire, so i prefer those types of ICs and Speaker cables. i am currently trying Anit-cables speaker wires and like them so far.
Since I didn't have time last night to post them, here's a few sites to buy or build your own cables Make your own audio cables,DIY Cat5 Speaker Cables. Here's another place to buy DIY components Diy HiFi Supply. You could use cotton tubing instead of teflon if you so choose. Once you make your own the chances are you'll own them for good with no urge to spend more.

Good listening
Apart from the fact that BJC is a stellar company, Monster is the antithesis of a good corporate citizen, imo. Consider their harsh business tactics and heavy-handed [legal] approach to anyone using Monster in their name [none of these companies have anything to do with audio!] And their products are rather ho-hum in my book.

What other companies tell you what goes into their products and how they are made? Belden gave them some distinction for the quality and high standard of their work. No, I'm not an employee, just another very happy customer.
Thanks everyone for your comments. Is there any reason to go larger than 14 gage for a 15' run for speakers? Any benefit to 12 or 10 gage for that length? Thanks,
Bill..14 awg is just fine for 15 foot lengths. I use 16 gauge for the same length. I know of others that use 24 awg. The sound you get at the end really depends on how well your amplifier handles the load. Some like heavier's more of a preference than wrong or right.

I find the smaller solid core gauges to have a much cleaner tighter sound over the the larger stranded gauges. Which too my ears roll off the highs and make the music sound fat and indistinct.
Here's a DIY Wire Gauge Calculator. You need Excel to run it. It also has a Damping Factor and SPL Loss Calculator included. You could actually use two different type gauges in each run. Make the negative side or return path slightly larger and tweak the sound.I could be wrong, but from what I've read and heard the dampening factor will change the sound of the speaker. Probably more than you wanted to know.LOL

Good luck
Honestly, I have many of the bluejeans running component video, Digital audio Runs etc... The Video side with the belden brilliance is about as good as you can get for any cost.. However I have heard bigger differences switching out digital links for the audio side, the bluejean is a little dry and restricted, Bolder cables with eichmans, and Cardas, Wireworld variations I use now easily show much more sonic impact, better bass, less grain etc... They are just more musical, but again for like 15 bucks a meter charged by bluejean cant go wrong, but for 80 to 150 bucks a meter from others I have had better audio results, and they are almost night and day difference.. Maybe the bluejeans don't have color at all, and that is just the way a straight signal sounds, but again I like the added effect of texture and depth other cables Add, if that is wrong then so be it, to me the end Tone is the most important.